Orange sim card not working

Hello everyone. Im currently traveling around Europe and visited france 10 days ago. I had to buy a new sim card so i bought it from orange. There was this option 25+8Euros for 15GB of internet for a month and i received 14 digit code.
The employee told me that It will start working when i put the sim card in my phone(Iphone) When i tried it after going to another country(switzerland), the internet did not work so I called #123# and pressed recharge and typed the 14 number but the internet is still not working. And if i try it again, it is saying that i have already used this code. I tried calling but they only spoke in french so i had to give up. Do you know how to check the balance? I am so confused and have not been using internet freely… Its weird that i can recieve messages and i have a phone number because i remember that i applied for internet only. Any solutions??

Might be an idea to visit your nearest Orange-mobile shop and ask them to try and sort it out on the spot… wherever you are.

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It sounds as if you bought the sim card in France but didn’t activate it until you were in Switzerland.
I believe that you have to activate the card in the country in which you bought it for it to work correctly.

If I have understood correctly then I think you’re stuck until you return to France.


Oh i think that might be the problem. Then going back to france might solve the problem

I’m afraid so :disappointed:
When you return, see if you can pop into an Orange shop. There may be someone there who has some English which may help in explaining the problem.
Good luck :crossed_fingers:

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For future reference to one and all: It might be best to have the phone to hand and make sure the sim card works in it… before leaving the shop… (I almost drove the salesman insane when I got a sim card in Perigueux a few years back)

(@Eric I hope you get your problem sorted soon.)

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Yep. It needs to be activated in France and identified within a month of that or the line’s cut :wink:

Pretty certain that the SIM needs to be activated in the territory where you bought it. Activation declares the SIM and IMEI (the phone’s ID) to the operator from where they can then track you as you go about your travels.

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