Orange special offers

Orange is currently running a special offer which ends on October 9th.
We are signing purchase contract on the 14th of October, so probably miss out on 1/2 price internet phone etc.
How often does Orange run these specials and is it worth waiting for them?
We could in the meantime (perhaps a month or two) run our lives with mobiles and mobile WiFi if the signal is good.

I don’t seem to remember Orange making an offer of 50% off in 11 years of being here. A few € off the monthly fee perhaps but nothing beyond that.
Cynically, I think it might be because they seem to have woken up and smelt the coffee. The number of offers now around from new kids on the street like Bouygues with their 4G offering sans engagement and unlimited downloads / month knocks Orange into a cocked hat.
Orange have been arrogantly defiant for years and recent developments have made them think more carefully about the their direction.
Yes, they have an English speaking helpline/sales team but so do the others have staff who can speak English sufficiently well for you to understand what their offer is about.
I say, no need to rush. If you can live your lives with mobiles and a good internet service from a 4G mast near to you (and only contact family and friends in the UK using Whatsapp (for example) you will do well and probably cheaper.
Check your 4G availablility here
Oh yes, IIRC the Orange 4G offering restricts you to 100 Go/month which might be ok for you but why chose cotton when you can have silk :wink:

Good morning Bettina

I’ve seen a lot of criticism of Orange here in that they take ages to actually get you up and running with people paying for a non-existent service. They were brilliant in the UK as was EE, their successor. We’ve been using my son’s phone for over two months now and the local library has free Internet (although we haven’t used it yet but know that several of the locals do). Most people here seem to use Free and the only reason we haven’t signed up to a contract is because we are moving again soon.

I hope this helps.

and, anticipating @Stella also at your local Mairie

It is not the same company as the UK :frowning: Agreed, they had a brilliant customer service in the UK.
In France, the online cliet services are helpful but watch out for the boutiques. Our local one is a hard sale centre, watch out for the contract terms and conditions. Whatever the sales person says, the contract is the legal agreement. There is no mis-selling protection. We signed up for an expensive all-in internet, TV, telelhpone and mobile contract, which I was told coud be cancelled ater the first year. There was no mention of the €450 fee for doing so.
Phone insurance was added in without discussion .
We were todl that Orange TV only needed 2Mbs, it has never worked properly because it needs 8Mbs according to client services.
Others have fallen foul of the pressure from the sales force. I watched them sell the latest Samsung smartphone to am 80+ year old lady who just needed to change her ancient clam phone, then add on a €45 screen protector.

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Not to mention Orange’s dreadful Employee relations. The significant number of employees committing suicide was appalling.