Order quickly from Amazon

If you intend to pick up a bargain, order quickly from Amazon. A short press release from Reuters:

French Government Looks To Ban Amazon From Offering Discounts And Free Delivery For Books

France's Socialist government aims to introduce a law preventing online retailer Amazon from offering both discounts and free delivery for books in France, the culture minister said, arguing this amounts to unfair competition.

Of course I know how to ask to write and publish a book, from the idea into the author's brain to the bookstore's selves! A (very) long route... The right price, no more (additional taxes and other things). A good point for the French law is the Loi Lang (Prix Unique du Livre). What it takes me a nerve is the hight prices for several e-books, almost the same, even more than a pocket book! The big deals are usual for many goods: we're are used to buy the cheapest things, don't we? On the other hand, a Govermt shouldn't invent new taxes every day as the French Gvt does! It's the best way to kill the business. In UK the VAT on books is ... 0%

I know it's no fair for the small boosktores to face a giant like Amazon. But, who buy on Amazon? Us! So, the best way to counter it is to go at your bookstore round the corner and order books in. But do you have a local bookstore? Maybe not! If even this one exists, can you order the English book you want to read? Certainly not because the seller shouldn't have access to the UK or US distributors' database. Of course we should find here some best sellers but for many of titles we are told (by friend, internet, etc), it's quite impossible. I don't like Amazon but it's almost the only way to get certain titles I can't buy here in France (especially US titles).

Many English won’t pay what the book is worth, because of the cheap deals they are used to. They have little idea what goes into writing, producing and publishing a book.

Actually the French govermt want to prevent good business in France: taxes taxes taxes... Let's go to order in UK

Maybe ask your closer French bookstore to get English books you want to read, Bon Courage!

I have ordered from Chapitre for over 20 years as well and in recent times it has been the government who have also prevented them from what used to be free postage (to the UK and Portugal in that time) over certain size orders. I am not sure what the government is actually doing. They are just as likely to reduce book, DVD, CD, etc sales as push people back into shops. Also, wait for it and it will surely happen, whichever company sets up a proxy address outside France is going to come out on top - so much for fair competition.

Unbelievable! Luckily I always order my Amazon items through the UK to my daughter's address in Cornwall and then either collect when I'm over or someone brings them when they come over. I always order our book club books in the UK too. I have lots of bundles delivered to my daughter's and then bring them back for other members. They work out at half price if we choose something like the R&J selection or TV Book Club selection - so they're good value.