Ordering fuel

Good morning all. When ordering oil, is there a minimum quantity that you have to order or can it be any amount?

I dont think there is a minimum, depends on the supplier but the delivery company arent going to rock up just for 50 litres. My supplier wont deliver under 250 litres.

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Thank you for replying. I thought it might have to be 1000l which I don’t want to order at the moment. :blush:

Try these guy’s. tap in the amount and see who delivers.

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Is there a neighbour who might also want some oil…???
It’s generally cheaper, the more one buys…
Which is why , quite often, neighbours get together and place a bulk order, with each person just taking delivery of their smaller amount (but at the discounted price).

just a thought… :wink:

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Also worth asking at your Mairie


Thank for all your replies and advice.:blush:

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