Orly T3 parking

We’re soon flying to Greece from Orly T3 and unfortunately need to take the car. Just wondering if anyone can recommend parking. There seems to be a lot of companies offering, but the type that collect the car and then drop it back when you return. Not keen on that TBH.

I used Onepark.fr a few times for airport parking in France which was smooth and reliable and cheaper for the actual airport car parks than the direct rate - though they offer other parking options.

Generally I gather spothero is popular for parking.

The differance between the on airport car parks and the various off airport options wasn’t that huge - Onepark is good for all the options - or just use the aereport de paris website for the actual airport car parks.

Its how much the faff of bags and shuttles in the middle of the night appeals compared to from memory 20;ish Euros a week savings. It was about 110 a week at the airport a few years ago.

At Barcelona, my DIL found a hotel that did cheaper than airport parking in their private locked carpark. With the cost of a taxi to the terminal she was still better off than the airport carpark. Might be worth seeing online if there are any nearby hotels offering secure parking.

Thanks everyone :wink:, looking into the hotel option with a view to staying before (early flight) and on return (late flight)

We flew out of Nice just before Covid and left our car with Blue Valet, they have a Orly operation as well.

We were meant to be in Dublin for, I think two weeks, but we got caught at the start of lockdown, so we drove back (legally and following restrictions) in another car - it was freaky, isolation in our cabin on the ferry, eating food we’d bought in M&S from a stash in our boot to keep us going for a month, then empty autoroutes and aires, having to search for petrol off the autoroute - horrible - so the car we left at the airport was stuck there for two months instead of two weeks. I was dreading the bill but when we finally rocked up to collect it they very reasonable and only charged a nominal fee for the extra weeks. So, I’d recommend them :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks for the recommendation @John_Scully . I used Blue Valet, can’t fault them, we even added 3 days to our holiday and weren’t charged any extra.