Ouch! - Car body damage

Only just got the car repaired after a car park knock and it’s happened again. This time we didn’t catch the perpetrator. So I either have to pay for it myself or go to the insurers and lose our NCB.
I can live with the odd dent or scratch, but this one is rather too obvious and beyond DIY repair. I think I can deal with the bumper dent, but it needs a replacement wing panel.
Does anyone know if there is a “Breakers Yard” website in France, where I might be able to find one (preferably in the right colour?) Alternatively. I was wondering if I could get a repairer to spray up a new panel for me and fit it myself - has anyone done this?

Any other suggestions?

Thanks Tony!

Does this win the prize for degenerating into a general discussion before anyone offers a helpful suggestion? ;-)
I need serious advice from our car experts, please.......

Pride mainly, she hit me but I was reversing so that makes me wrong, so she had a bit of a hysterical scream then I gave her my car number and told her to go to her insurance company, same as mine as it happens, less than yours on a door panel but she knew she had one it. So big dent in pride.

Well it seems that even two dimensions is beyond the ability of some.......!

And drive in only two dimensions !

I suspect that a visitor from another part of the galaxy, would be unable to understand why Humans leave unprotected valuable and fragile artifacts out in the street.......

I hope it was their car and not their body!

I can't imagine anyone thinking that Mike. Certainly never entered my cynical old head !!!!! ;-) My old 806 has been hit so many times I just don't care anymore but my missus is crapping herself in anticipation of the first dent on our 2 month old car which she normally drives. :-)

I dented somebody with my tow hook the other day and now have to go to sign the bits and pieces of paper at my insurance office, I also have a receipt for the replacement of a broken fog light to give them for my claim at the same time. I know the agent very well and so will have a chat and a laugh about it. As he says, car damage claims are the bulk of their work in his office along with medical reimbursements. However, he said that denting cars is really the French national sport and football is only a distraction from that.

Thanks for your encouraging reply, Vic! But I wouldn't want anyone to think I had done that myself....... ;-)

Apparently most things come in three's so I'd just leave it & hope the next time it's in the same place & you catch the perpetrator ? Decent of 'em not to hit the headlight don't yer think ? :-)