Our 'nunu' is 'nunu'tty!

(Nikki Pilkington) #1

Baby O is 3 and a half months old, and despite being an extremely well behaved baby (I’m very lucky!) is still a major distraction when it comes to running a business! So on the recommendation of my friend Katie, we hired a Nanny, or ‘nunu’ as they call them here in France.


truly is a sight to behold - a bosomy matronly looking woman with designer specs, she wafts in to the house in a cloud of perfume with ‘bisous’ (kisses) all round.

She talks incessantly to Baby O for

the whole 3 hours she is here, 2 days a week. Unless of course, O decides she’ll sleep for the 3 hours, in which case Betty wafts around my house putting things in places where I can’t find them later.


speaks in a very high pitched voice, and so fast that I frequently can’t understand her, and when I make attempts at speaking to her in my faltering French she just smiles benevolently and pretends she knows

what I’m saying.

She arrives on her bike with a variety of

pressies for me - a jar of rhubarb jam, the odd smelly candle, some

fresh mint from the garden - and offers me the occasional face massage - mad as a box of frogs, but O loves her, and we love her too!