Our Yorkshire Farm

Anyone else enjoying Our Yorkshire Farm?

What an amazing family!


we all love it our house both me and my wife say it reminds us of our childhoods when we used to help out on the farm, she’s from Dorset, I’m from Glamorgan.

Saw it for the first time yesterday, absolutely loved it.

Ooohhh is there a new series?

OH is going right back to the beginning and watching the first episodes on My5 - there’s so little to watch at the moment, at least we can choose our own repeats.

We’ve also started watching Last Tango in Halifax (on DVD). Only watched it once in a while when it was on TV so we’re enjoying watching an episode a night at the moment . :grin:

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Oh yes, never miss it, I admit that the first attraction was the sight of a very fit young woman striding across windswept moors in a mini skirt, could have had something to do with it though. :roll_eyes:

However, I have come to admire the way that this large family gets on so well and all ages muck in and pull their weight with the sole interest of the family collective enterprise.

Favourite moment? Clive is wondering aloud with the whole family in a rare moment of inactivity and murmurs, ‘9 children, I have no idea how all this happened’, to which Amanda says without the slightest pause ‘yes you do’. Clive responds, ‘oh yes’. As if it all comes back to him now. :laughing:

Slightly jarring moment? I was reading some reviews of Amanda’s books and more than one criticised her seemingly ‘me me’ attitude and almost talking about Clive as an afterthought. I remember thinking that I didn’t get that impression but then sometimes I can see what is meant by it now. She does quite often use ‘me’ or ‘I’ instead of ‘we’ or ‘us’, and a classic example is when she and some of the children were looking at the ruined farmhouse that they have bought (they are tenant farmers at Ravenseat) and says pensively ‘what have I done?’

Minor things of course and there is no doubt that it is a joint enterprise and that Clive more than pulls his weight in all they do, but, such is the way of sown seeds.

But, The Waltons they are not, saccarine versus grit. :laughing:

I think that this is possibly the third series, definitely the second.
There does seem to be a pull towards series on Yorkshire, the Yorkshire Vet for instance and I think also on channel 5 the Scottish Vet.
They all show people getting down to hard work in oftimes very difficult circumstances, a contrast to office or home working for these times.

Yeah checked last night and it is an old series!

Yes, they are both Yorkshire born and bred, but the farm is much nearer to the west coast then the east, which might explain, despite originating in Doncaster I think, Clive’s accent sounds a bit more Cumbrian than Yorkshire to my ears.

That’s what Yorkshire folk do Jane, backbone of Britain😁

I’m a Tyke born & bred , now living in Cumbria and agree with you Spardo. Clive definitely has a touch of Cumbrian in his accent.

Yes, it is very near to the triangle where North Yorkshire, Cumbria and the North of Lancashire meet.