Out of date beer kits

I'm wondering whether I can use the Woodfordes Wherry kit I just found in cellar, best before date is June 2006 and tins are slighty rusty but not leaking. Yeast packet has no date on it.

Idea would be to bottle it as barrel is in use. It isn't my favourite beer but still far better than Pelforth.


Just tasting the beer that I brewed 4 weeks ago. WIth only 3 weeks in the bottle it tastes really good, nice head, colour and sweet taste. I used the original yeast and a packet from a current kit and it has worked a treat.

I did the brew yesterday using some fresh yeast "borrowed" from another kit. One tin actually started leaking whilst standing in the hot water so just found the kits in time

Ordered replacement yeast from www.lebonplan.fr where I also found a funnel with an automatic cut-off that I've been looking for.

Hi Steve, in my limited experience the cans should be fine but dateless yeast might not be good for your brew.