Out side speakers...Any idears?

Greetings from Les Landes.
When we build our house in 2012, we had under our big covered terrace outside in the wall, also installed 2 ducts who runs all the way to our living room behind the ceiling and comes out behind the TV. The Idea was to have speakers hung up on the wall outside on each side, so music can be enjoyed instead of high volume blasting from inside. Rolling forward to 2017, the stereo has gone and CD’s are played on our old surround sound player for the TV or the old radio in the kitchen. Bluetooth is the thing to use these days, and use our PC or phone to play the music.
I would like advise what is best to use outside. I am looking for two speakers, not costing a fortune, but still with good sound. Either with Bluetooth and build in amplifier, not with battery and with a remote as they will sit 2,5 meter high up. OR, should I install some old normal speakers we have, and buy an amplifier with Bluetooth and have it under the TV ? Does that exist? In fact we have two other ducts empty in the living room as well, just hanging in the ceiling and waiting to be used…Maybe there is a system out there which would aloud us to use speakers together and separate?
Hope someone can advise, cos the husband can’t!

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There are a few options available on Amazon, I would definitely get something specifically designed for outdoors otherwise the humidity will get to them eventually. :slight_smile:

And here was me thinking that this was about the farce at Hyde Park corner.

Thank you James. Yes, for Les Landes and its wet winters, I better find something weather proofed which can tolerate the salt air. We are 10 km from the sea. Merci

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The solution that we employ for outdoor music is to use a portable battery powered, table-top speaker with iPod dock.
The batteries are re-chargeable. Being on the table top means that the overall volume is low so minimal sound travel for neighbour.

We bought this years ago
I’d recommend that you buy something that can play music properly at low volumes if you go for table top.

An alternative would be to use the ducting for a mains socket and mount one of the Bose docks on an adjacent shelf. You would want to take the unit in at night but you could also take it on holiday, indoors when indoors, to your bedroom etc.

For indoors we also have a Sony Air system with one dock and a couple of moveable speaker sets. My BiL has gone for Sonos systemwitha scattering of speakers.

Hope this helps.

Where are you?

Tosse 40230


Thank you Ray. I have been thinking of Sonos system, and will look into it.



Just up the road from us in Benesse-les-Dax :slight_smile:

No, you are not far away. :slight_smile:

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