Outside the darkroom - again

(Joanne Mathews) #1

Hi Everyone

Denise Gilchrist and I are going OUTSIDE THE DARKROOM again tomorrow. We are meeting up and going to Marseillan to take photographs of fishing boats in this picturesque fishing port down on the Mediterranean.

If anyone wishes to join us, please message me on JMathews@Waitrose.com and I will send you the meeting up arrangements.

Looking forward to seeing more people popping outside Outside the Darkroom to take photographs!

Best wishes

Joanne & Denise

(Suzanne Fitzgerald) #2

Have a lovely time, Marseillan is one of my favourite little harbours, don’t forget to visit the Noilly Prat Museum, I recommend the Noilly Prat Ambre which is difficult to find in the UK.

Also, if you walk back from the port and into the old town there are some lovely fishermans houses, we stayed in one once - to get the car down these little narrow alleyways was a struggle but lovely to see. A lot of people only see the port but there is true character in some of the little backstreets.

Chateau de la Port is a great restaurant although a little pricey, or there is Chez Phillipe down the back also very good, he has a great deli on one of the side streets left of the port to check out too.