Over charged in Carrefour today


Advice would be greatly appreciated! I Went shopping today for specific items for a recipe that I'm cooking tomorrow. As the wine my husband likes was on offer I bought 4 bottles, (cos 'I'm such a generous wife)!!!! I thought the bill was rather high for what I'd bought, but put it down to the 'special ingredients'. Anyway, when I eventually got home, put the horses away and cooked the evening meal and because the bill was nagging me, I went through it and found that I had been charged for 6 extra bottles of wine!!!! Obviously I am so cross and will go back Monday but any advice on how to approach this would be appreciated. I cannot see howI can prove that I only bought 4 bottles. Please anyone got any suggestions on how to approach situation! Thanks in advance.

I know, you are both right and I realised when I looked at my receipt that I should have checked it in the store. Its so annoying though!!!!

About 6 years ago, in the same store, I had done a weekly shop which came to nearly 200 euros, we had friends staying, which meant a higher bill for that week. I gave the girl my credit card and she gave me both receipts back, meaning the store would have been out of pocket and I would have had my shopping for free!! (It was when you had to sign your card receipt). When I pointed this out to her, being the honest person I am, she was very grateful.

Really its me having a rant, sorry!

Bon dimanche

Agree with Christa on this, you must check before walking out of the shop - which is why you see people hovering looking at their receipts before pushing their trolley out of the door - but if you're going to have a go, go in 100% sure that you're right and that you expect your money back. Is it worth trying, if you're that way and have the time why not but I'm not sure you'll be refunded.

Bonne chance !