Does anyone have experience of overlockers?

I believe the overlocker is as useful as you want it to be .

I have times when I hardly use it as 80% of what I make to sell is reversible. I do have phases of making baby clothes when nothing but the overlocker will do.

Latley I have been making baby tutu's based on a baby body that I am making up in Tshirt jersey. For things like that it's invaluable.

Practice makes perfect as far as using it is concerned. For wovens and stretch knits it's great. Beware you will now be buying over locker thread as a secondary investment. I haven't personally gone into the wooly nylon route, but if I found some in the right colours and at the right price it would be a good investment. I hope that helps.

@ Claire - the info on the internet gives mixed messages about ease of use (I'm perfectly capable of reading an instruction manual though) and it would be a big investment. I most definitely need something that can cope with stretch knits as well as wovens, in varying thicknesses.

@ Melissa I have an Etsy site, and a DaWanda pending (ie, I haven't put anything on it yet), but I'm not sure about putting it here - I'll 'friend' you - although I am on FB too.

Almost all of my sales so far have been through live encounters


Ohhhh, I might have a machine you'd want to know about. It's a five-thread industrial overlock used to do the straight stitch and overlock in one go. I used to make small runs of ready-to-wear and used it then. The disadvantage is that you cannot disassociate the four (or three) thread overlock from the straight chain stitch, so this is not a machine for sewing knits. Do you want to email me and I can send you more info? I'd love to see you work - do you have a link or photos?

I have an Eva royale never had any problems with it what did you want to know.

As for your Toyota perhaps a good service and sort out by an agent would be a better investment?

Hi Melissa.

I'm thinking about it. I make and sell hats, and have a very old, but heavy duty Toyota sewing machine, but the tension keeps slipping and i often spend more time fixing it than I do sewing. Use a lot of stretch fleece (over winter) and I think I would like to have option of using some of the lovely teeshirting stuff that is around for summer hats. Better, i think, with an overlocker.

not heard of a Jaguar though. :-)

I do! Are you interested in buy one? I'va had a Jaguar for over a decade and it's a dandy.