Overlooking window

When we bought our property 27 years ago, it came with a second property very close by, facing onto our house, that we renovated and used for a few years as a gite.

Then we sold it and it became a second home. It was sold on again as another second home. Absolutely no issues with either of the owners and it didn’t bother us as they were only here for two or three weeks a year.

It is now in the process of being sold again, this time as a permanent home.

This is the issue: One of their bedroom windows looks straight down into our outdoor seating area and dining room about 15 meters away. Their living room also looks straight into our dining room and outside seating area. The living room is not a big issue. There has always been a fence between us to provide privacy. The fence was taken down, with our agreement, by the new owner who needed access to put up scaffolding for roof repairs. It will be replaced once the repairs are carried out.

The issue is their bedroom window. We do not necessarily want anybody being able to watch us and our friends, and it could become a big issue if we ever want to sell.

As we have allowed the situation for so many years, would we now be within our rights to ask them to replace the glass in the upstairs window to prevent them being able to see into our property?
People have remarked that no property should be able to look into a neighbouring property, but is there a precedence given the length of time it has existed?

Any advice please? I know that we could start by asking them to voluntarily change the glass, but what other options are available?


Thanks for the link, but it doesn’t seem to really answer my question.

I suppose the simplest solution is for us to install net curtains, then I can stand and twitch them. :slight_smile:


That’s why it says you need to sort it out with the neighbours.

Can see into your garden isn’t that unusual - until France I can’t think of anywhere I couldn’t see my neighbours garden.

Not a huge issue, but we would prefer to have privacy in our dining room. I’ll buy net curtains. :slight_smile:

It does. As explained, when the window is present prior to the splitting of the property for sale, nothing can be done.