Owners network

Anyone come across ownersnetwork.co.uk for renting their property, gite etc? Just had a call from someone from this outfit and it didn’t quite sound right - saying they had lots of clients from Scandinavia and Australia, but their “website” says they are based in the North West of U.K.
If anyone has, are they legit, give any good leads, enquiries, bookings etc, and what are their costs?
He seemed reluctant to give me further info by email…seemed a bit sus.

This from Companies House…

Thanks, “Tin pot” comes to mind, wont be bothering with them.

Interesting link…Owners Network seem to have risked extinction year after year… must be hanging on by the skin of their teeth… :zipper_mouth_face:

there are a few of those hanging in by its teeth. seems they only ever had a couple of hundred pounds

Plausible website though. Easy to get caught out I’d imagine.