Owning a boat in France & using on the lakes

Hi all,

My husband is thinking of buying a small fishing boat/speedboat, and using it on the lake near to us over here in France. The thing is he has never had a boat before and doesn't really know the in's and out's about the rules and regulations of boat ownership over here in France. For example do you need a licence? do you need insurance and how much would this be? How mush would it cost to keep the boat at the lake? If you could shed any light on the above questions I would be extremely appreciative. It makes it even harder over here that we are not all that fluent with the language either so it not even an option that we just go along to the lake and ask someone. Please help if you can. Thank you.

just re-read the post and saw fishing/speed boat where I had red fishing boat - speed boat then you're going to have to do the permis bateau eaux intérieures for which you'll need to have a reasonable level of French to do the training course and the exam. I think the insurance will be far more than what I pay for a voilier too given the risks etc. As with everything in France, and most other European countries for that matter, it's far more regulated than the UK!

sorry no idea for inshore waters - it's totally different to coastal waters - I have a small yacht (6.2m) and yachts are exempt from the permis bateau up to 6 miles but have to be equipped for this distance and the outboard can't be bigger than a certain limit (6hp). As for cost, that can be around 1500 euros a year in a marina but I rent a place on the canal du midi direct from the Voies Navigables de France (you need to know someone to get a place, it's a bit of a mafia thing!) and then I built the pontoon - this should cost only 300 odd euros a year. Insurance - I had quotes for up to 100 euros but got it for just 27 euros a year in the end. I think the only way will be to go along to the lake in question an ask - it may be privately owned, it might be the commune or comité de communes which deals and there may be local by-laws etc.

good luch and bon vent !

Yes, you do need some proven skills....


and here's a photo to get you motivated (although not much good for lake fishing!)