Oysters and how many days can they sit in the fridge

Hello everyone!

Just a quick question about oysters. I bought 4 dozen from a direct producer in Bassin d'Archacon last Friday , (Oct 4th).

I do know I have about a week or so to eat them before they turn off.

They have been sitting in the fridge, flat.

Anyone know the absolute limit on when I should eat them?

Thanks in advance


Pamela, I'm the opposite. Just have to hear them mentioned for my mouth to water!

I think they're fine in the fridge for a week or so - if fresh to start with.

Bruce - I'd ask for a refund...

I can't eat any of that stuff as it just comes straight back into the real world. Even the smell can make my stomach start turning - pity because my husband really likes them.

But for keeping in the fridge to eat I would have said 2-3 days - maybe you can get away with a little more if yours came straight out of the production water.

I used to really like them, less so these days.

I was told the same about the wiggle several times. Also, that is a reminder that if they are kept more than a day or two they 'poo' again and then you really do have to wash them well.

You're trying to eat dead oysters!

I was told that if they wiggle when you put the lemon on them, they are good. And I verified this experimentally.


Haha...no for sure! No, my question is at what point should I not even try to eat them? Guilt, guilt...been sitting in the fridge-we ate half Sunday-I am opening another dozen tonight. I use the lemon trick...first drain small amount of liquid out (the ocean water) and then squirt a small amount of lemon on the side...if the oyster moves, I eat it. If not, I don't...

But will see how the lemon trick works tonight. I put them in the freezer for a short time -i heard it is easier to open them after this method. (freezer for a half hour-take out and let sit for a few minutes.) It took me ages to open the 2 dozen on Sunday-they were so fresh, they stayed tightly closed :)

James, actually they don't come off the sea, but they spend a week in a fresh water tank to get rid of their ... hm, undisharged poo, and loose some of the salt.

7 in one sitting? Not bad ;-)

I love them anytime, but some say it's like eating snot off a tortoise.

They also say that they're an aphrodisiac but I'm not impressed. From the last dozen I ate, only 7 worked! (I should be so lucky!)

Anything older that straight out of the sea puts me off!

Mary, with oysters, eat them fresh - meaning zero days in the fridge.

Was your question related to when they become toxic? You don't want to wait that long.


It may be that elsewhere they err on the side of caution.

I know Brian…butthe producer said it is okay to keep them 8 days or more (in fridge) ! So I wanted to get opinions on what others think. When you buy oysters for Noel in France , you can see on the box that they are best between the first 8 days, with quality going down after 8 days up to 11 -13 days. (or is my memory failing me?)
We ate half last Sunday-they are very fresh, but I also don’t want to get sick…

I've bought and kept them for years. In the UK they told us 3 days in the east, in Wales (they were same day fresh) 5 days, in Portugal also 5 days and here the same. So far nobody between the mid-1970s and now has ever said a week.