PagesJaunes - what do you pay for?

Hi there

We are trying to get a small business in the PagesJaunes online directory. We had a visit from a PagesJaunes salesperson ... and have following received a 'devis'. A totally incomprehensible 'devis' if you ask me - and calling for clarification doesn't help since the nice lady is obviously in it for the sale - not for helping us figuring out their illogic (and very expensive) pricing methods.

So therefore I have a question: have any of you used / bought online adds in the PagesJaunes and what are your experiences?



The site is a free template. We only pay for the domain name. 18 dollars a year. The most work was the writing of the text, which I did since the French owners French is worse than my Dutch French. He gets quite a lot of business through the site. And repays me with work and some extra memory etc.

The site was in the Google top10 within one week. There is just not a lot of local competition.

The search box is generated by Wordpress, I'm afraid their text just doesn't fit in the alotted pace.

I know I need to work on my site to increase its visibility but am hoping Pagesjaunes will bring in some business earlier

I Googled 'macintosh macon' and think I found the site, looks good. For info there is a small typo in the search box text 'rechercher sur ce sit"

If you are not in to big a city, it should be quite easy to get good ranking just by using the right keywords on your site. I made a free wordpress site for fun for my apple repair guy in Mâcon, who ranks just beautifully when you search for things like 'reparation iphone macon' and 'macintosh macon'. By using the geographical specification you get people searching locally. No need for external advertising.

I have just signed up with them to promote my IT Support service, 150€ HT for 1 postcode for one year. My main reason being that it should increase exposure in Google/Bing searches. Here's hoping it does pay for itself.

Thank you all for your replies.

We have now figured that yes, there is a free listing - and the rest is still incomprehensible / clever sales methods etc.

However I have to add that our experience is that it actually does pay off to be in the yellow pages (both on paper and online) - only the trick is to really narrow down and pinpoint the area you are looking for new clients in / how many others are listed there etc. etc.

We will keep this years adds there to an absolute minimum (we have just relocated to a new town and have still to do a lot of the pinpointing / competitor search etc) and then see what it brings us ...


I got a call from them last week about a free listing as I had a SIRET number or something.

She then said her colleague would contact me this week about the non-free possibilities. But I've heard it's so useless I won't be using it. They have quite clever sales methods I believe though, so watch out...

Pages Jaunes...ça existe encore?


You would be better off advertising on SFN!

I thought a mention in the Pages Jaunes was free? If you are in the 'book' you will also be online. Don't ever buy a presentation page from them. These are the most useless and expensive websites in the world.

I had a sales call from yellow pages for a chambres d'hotes business I was running. I said absolutely not, I don't have the budget. And guess what? I'm receiving enquiries saying they've found me in 'pages jaune'! but if I'm paying for it I can't see how. I have all my phone bills with sfr and have nothing with France Telecom (the line is FT but through sfr) so doubt there is any payments hidden somewhere.