Paiements de vos impôts et taxes

Hi all,

Probably like many of us here, I have just received an email from ¨La direction générale des finances publiques¨ inviting me to create my ¨espace professionnel sur le site¨ and to register a banque account in the BIC IBAN format for payment of various professional taxes.

Does this concern the Auto-Entrepreneurs?

Thanks for your responses and clarifications.

John :-)

P.S. Attached is a copy of the email received.

Which then takes you to the 4th of January.

Do these people go to a special school in stupid. Oh yes, ENA

Our code came within 4 days. I think you just have to allow up to 30 days.

OK so signed up but...

You enter your SIREN, choose a password and then...

They will send you a one time access code within 30 days?

Do these people have master degrees in stupid? How are you supposed to know what to pay by the 15th when they won't be sending you, by POST, the access code for 30 days.

And why is it you only get the bill online, but they have to post you an access code??

So nice of them to tell you. Sheesh.


'Par suite, les entreprises n’employant pas de salarié, ne sont pas imposables à la CFE, tant qu’elles ne réalisent pas de chiffre d’affaires. Leur activité professionnelle est alors réputée comme n’ayant pas encore débuté.'

Does that mean you only pay if you have started (ie had income). What if the AE did not have income for the year?

I would have never believed there would be a tax system that would make the US IRS look simple.

LOL! It is so hard to keep up with isn't it? They reduced the CFE tax free period a while ago If you go on to the federation of AE's - FEDAE, you can register for email updates as they happen It is really useful and ensures you don't get caught out with deadlines for things and you hear about any changes as they happen:

So do we have to pay CFE this year? I thought it was a 4 year exoneration?

Also, I changed business address (three years ago) but it does not seem to have registered.

I guess joined up thinking is too much to expect.

Me too and I don't intend creating a business.

I've already got a form from the Mairie. However at my age I don't want to start a "business" as such, with all the paperwork that goes with it. I ran several companies in the UK and what with tax returns in the UK and France every year already, plus other declarations, I want to reduce not increase the paperwork. I have lots of books and other projects I want to get on with before things start dropping off!

I'm now going through the process too David. I'm thinking of opening the downstairs flat as a B & B so I would be interested in learning about it too. I had intended enquiring at the Mairie next week.

I have been thinking of letting a cottage via AirBnB. Does anybody know if I have to set up separate bank and tax accounts to do so? For longer term lettings you don't have to. I know you have to register the property with the Mairie if doing short term lettings. So much more complicated than the UK!

Hi Suzanne, I have done this but have no avis but, we are a gite and I know that gites in areas of revitalisation still do not have to pay CFE where the council have deliberated in favour of this. So if i have nothing, I assume there is nothing to pay? And, yes we are in this zone and the council have deliberated in favour of gites in this area not paying CFE. I have been checking every day now for a month as I get paranoid when it come to tax here.

For the AE it is for the CFE tax. Your cotisations will still be paid through the normal way.

hi I;ve just managed to do mine online but I had to phone the tax office in Pezenas for help as I couldn't seem to find the avis. So here goes...Once you have your code d'activation through the post you go onto and follow the instructions to add your bank account. All well and good so you then try to pay but you need the avis d'impostion which you can't get to from here. So you have to go back to the beginning log in to your espace professional. Email & Passwod.

You may get this message Nous vous prions de nous excuser pour les difficultés actuellement rencontrées : in red at top of screen, ignore it if you can see yor name and siren under dossier courant on the right click on Then click on compte fiscal.

It takes you to next page, click access par impot (first box on left - gives u a drop down of CEontribution Economique Terrotorial - click and it opens to right again - select cotisation foncieres des entreprises, next again to the right and select avis d'imposition. Note the number down.

Click on annee 2015 then click on Nature d'Avis and it will open the D'avis (a familiar looking form will open up and you can print this off) There is a blue button at the top for payer - click this and it will ask for your email address twice, tick to confirm you wish to pay.

Make sure you confirm all the way through until you get the message saying Votre ordre de paiement a bien été enregistré le xx/11/2015. After you will receive an email confirming payment will be taken automatically (if that's what you opted for)

Phew - mine was 163 euro. A relief as I was expecting it to be around 300.

Thanks again Elaine, you are a star!


Yes John,

that's perfect - SIRET is made up of your SIREN number plus usually 5 more digits. So you do have a SIREN also :-)

SIREN has 9 digits, SIRET 5 more

Good luck!

Thanks to all for your time explaining. I started to register for an ¨espace professionel¨, although I already have an ¨espace particulier¨, the first thing I am asked is my SIREN number, I do not have a SIREN number, but I have a SIRET number, is that the same?

Anyway, I have entered my SIRET number and it seems to accept it and recognizes me. I am just wondering if it is okay to continue my registration.

Thanks for responding.


Thanks for your response Elaine, with it and from what I have received so far from other members, I am starting to understand.

Best wishes,



You still pay your cotisations on the net enterprise site. The Impots is tax related, and you will need an account to pay your CFE if you are an AE (you also pay your income tax to Impots, but that is next year, and another story.)

You need to set up an espace professionnel and get your code by post as Suzanne says above. I have just done this, as she also states CFE bills will not be paper any more. I don't know if this is the case for new AEs.

Your end of year taxes are different, and can be done manually, through an accountant, or equally online (with a particulier account I think) and should not be paid out of your dedicated AE bank acc as they are normal expenses, and not business related expenses (like cotisations and CFE etc).

My info may not be 100% correct as it seems there is lots of conflicting information and advice, some which has not even been clarified by the powers that be yet. But I do recommend you get the ball rolling anyway...

Bon courage!