Paint for interior walls

Hi, We have just purchased in Provence and will be repainting the walls. We would like a white paint that looks like limewash. Does anyone know of or has used a paint like this.
I have read that paint in cheaper in the UK (we can bring some with us) or is it easier overall to purchase in France.

What are your walls made of, if they are limestone then you will be better off with a lime wash. Most paint would seal the surface a not let it breath (remove moisture).

They are just normal plaster.

Emulsion paint for walls and ceilings is very expensive in France, especially for colours. Suggest you bring what you can from the UK, and also some liquid PVA adhesive, as 10% mixed into ordinary emulsion will give you a much more durable ‘Kitchen & Bathroom’ type of finish that lasts a great deal longer and is easily washable. A diluted PVA solution (with a bit of cheap white emulsion mixed in so that you see where you have been with it) will also be good for sealing any new plasterwork that you may have, and will stop it from ‘drinking in’ too much of the more costly coloured emulsion.

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Thanks for your reply. What I would like is the finish that limewash gives, very soft matt finish.
I guess it seems we will bring some paint from here.

Go and talk to people in a paint shop.

Earthborn claypaints are just what you need, incredible coverage and beautifully matte.


I have always found the personnel at Leroy Merlin helpful and very knowledgeable about their products …

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Thank you Jane. I guess you have used it so did you find it easy to work with and how many coats do you think I would require on good existing white painted walls (using white) ?
Thanks again.


This looks interesting, for those without a UK link…

Just one. It is usable on bare plaster or previously painted wall, does not smell and is very low in voc’s. Very prettty colour range, the cheapest supplier is Celtic sustainables.