Pairing bluetooth to mobile

Got a new earpiece for my mobile but although I follow all the instructions to the letter including my phone recognising and accepting the the thing it doesn’t seem to accept and switches itself off after a few minutes.
Is it faulty or what is the little bit in the instructions which says some phones won’t connect and 0000 is needed. How do I do that and, should I?

Only a suggestion but phones ask if you want to pair the device although that message doesnt always appear immediately. If your phone reconises the device then have to momentarally held down on the device accepted button on the phones screen to see if it brings up further instructions like the 0000 pass code?

Thank you, it works now but not exactly for that reason, I found there was yet another stage before it would confirm this as its partner. But you prompted me to search further. :grinning:

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All good then thats the point, some devices are more intuative than others and some a right pain. My wifi/bluetooth smart plugs require switching on and off 5 times before they begin to pair!

Ugh, for a technology that’s over 20 years old, Bluetooth drives me mad sometimes. I have some devices that work great (a cheap Sandstrøm keyboard, my Logitech MX Master 2 mouse and a Jabra headset) but some things just do stupid things… My Soundcore Liberty Air earbuds in particular will happily connect to my TV in the other room or my laptop that’s upstairs rather than the phone sitting next to them that they were previously connected to until they decided to unpair.

I can’t wait for something to replace Bluetooth that just does what Bluetooth is supposed to do.


Must admit my first 2, the earpiece that got lost and the one I am still using which plays through the radio in the car, were no trouble to set up and work fine, but this one was driving me mad.

It got the phone to display its number and I pressed the option to bond and then accept, but what I didn’t realise was that I then had to display all my devices and specify this one to work.

Edit: I was so pleased with myself and this new toy that, wanting to use it on the way back from shopping when walking the dogs, I decided to risk leaving it in my ear for the short journey. Hardly ever see gendarmes around here. Moving from one part of the village to the Auchan car park I spotted 2 moto-gendarmes behind me. :astonished: I turned my head a little and flicked the thing off and, as I approached the right turn into Auchan thought, if they follow, I’m nicked.

I watched in the mirror as both of them indicated left to overtake me. Phew. :rofl:

But which has been through so many standards revisions that current devices are completely different to the original ones.

The days of having to key in a dummy pairing key *should* be long gone, but 1234 is sometimes used rather than 0000