Parcel delivery from the UK

I'm visiting the UK next month and want to bring quite a few things back with me. Flying not driving as we come from Cumbria so limited to weight for luggage. I'm sure i've been told in the past about a cheap firm for sending parcels but typically, when i need it, i can't remember. Does anybody have any reccomendation's?

I stand corrected.

In fact it's on my short list and I've just looked it up.

Apologies if I mislead anyone.

it is in fact

No, it's right. If you have any difficulty just Google it. It's run by Little Fat Norman hence the initials who does champion work for the British Legion. The man with the van is called Peter Tipton from Yorkshire and he runs an all year fortnightly service to the south of France( and any destination en route). I don't know him personally but if you go on they will give you his number.

Thanks for Parcel-Link. £140 for a 100kg washing machine (thus saving a ridiculous £800 on FR price)

We send wood stoves from here to Northern UK by Parcel-Link. They take larger weights of over 30kg, which many parcel services won't. They are the cheapest for those weights. You can crate things, box things or use pallets.

We had used ParcelsPlease in the past but since they’ve lost their contract with UPS their quotes have become extortionately expensive. We have now had parcels sent from the UK via twice and have been very happy with it, they use UPS, their rates are very reasonable, quick delivery, and you get all the service that you expect from a courier company, such as choice of pick up date, tracking of parcel etc.

Geoff isn't right, is it a typo?

There are a couple of firms who operate a reverse auction for bringing various items including parcels, one is called Shiply and the other is called Anyvan, if you Google them. There's also a guy who does a fortnightly service and if you go to you will see his ad on that site. I hope this will help you.

or for large parcel


I've used Parels2go and when the goods have arrived, they have been efficient and reasonably priced. Just be warned that when something went astray, they were extremely difficult to deal with and were not good or helpful at tracking where it was. We didn't get reimbursed either!

Try Parcels please or Parcels to go, we have used both in the past from Cumbria and they are quite good

Parcelsplease have lost their low cost to France partner (UPS) a few months ago

Coming back after Christmas we used

The particular advantage was that you could request a collection time (within fairly broad limits), so not have to leave some poor soul in the house all day. Think £20~25 for a big 50x50x50 box unless you are sending all dead heavy stuff.

and guess what, it was in fact UPS did the actual collection and delivery.

we've used parcles2go a few times - no complaints at all - very quick efficient service

I have always used Parcels2go and have found them fast, reliable and not overly expensive :)

parcelsplease & parcels2go. We have used both and they have been very reasonable. We bought back some heavy duty Hilti drills with parcels2go and the cost was not a lot more than another 2 cases and we could track it all the way. They collect from you door on an agreed date. Took 3 working days to arrive and safer than putting on the plan as the values of the drills would not be covered by travel insurance. AND, you get to choose from a number of companies from parcel force to DHL etc.. as they are only the booking agent and it can all be done on line.

Thanks for your help everyone. :-)

parcelmonkey is good and cheap

Yes they are Helen, we ran the gamut before Christmas suggesting where my sister went to get pressies for the girls here and they were cheapest of roughly a dozen services in December.

Thanks Helen, i've just had a look at them and they seem quite reasonable, i will have to try them at the time & use whoever is cheaper.

Sheila it was sendmybag