Parcel delivery scam?

I was on the phone when the postie arrived with a signed-for package. I was expecting an envelope from my brother, and though I was surprised by the shape and bubble wrap, I simply signed and took the package and continued with my call. After the call I looked at the sender details - a woman in India. I’ve not ordered anything online, from anywhere, let alone India. The parcel remains unopened. It was perfectly addressed to me. I guess I could return it…

I believe I’ve read somewhere about this type of “scam” but now I can’t find anything about it. Can anyone shed any light? What does this sender hope to gain by posting something to me? Apart from confirmation of delivery and that my name and address are correct? How can this be used against me?


Thanks for the heads up @Griffin36. Had never heard of this before

Just wondering what the customs declaration label says about the content and value (I’m guessing you didn’t have to pay anything).

The declaration says “cosmetic sample for personal use” and value “200” (don’t know what currency). No, nothing to pay for customs/delivery.

That’s brilliant, thank you Griffin36 for such a quick reply. Although the package isn’t marked as coming from Amazon, it certainly sounds as if it could be this type of scam. I’ll change my PW on Amazon now. I wonder what other wonderful gifts I will now receive…? Or if there’s some other risk, given it’s not an Amazon delivery.

A rupee is roughly a penny so 200 rupees would be just over £2, or 2,25€ish, so that sounds like it could be small enough for customs not to bother with.

Of course if it’s 200 lakhs you may have something exciting in there :joy:

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Interestingly, as today is Sunday, I ignored a call to my mobile this afternoon, twice, thinking it might be the Jehovah’s Witnesses who seem to feel I might be a persuadable recruit.

The third attempt I answered. Turned out to be an Amazon box by van. One bottle of vitamin supplements ordered yesterday and delivered by Prime today, no charge!

I am not really surprised Amazon is taking over the planet.

I miss our Jehovah’s Witnesses. They haven’t visited since Covid. I liked the opportunity to practise my French and she tried out her English - we used to have a good natter. :slight_smile:

Yes, I enjoy he natter, only they keep trying to open their bibles and take the words literally. All I can do not to disagree with them politely. I really am not understanding the ‘witness’ thing but they do seem very sincere and good ladies.

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Plus Amazon alerts you if there is login to your account from an previously unknown device.

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…and allows you to set up 2 Factor Authentication, either via an authenticator app (my preferred option) or via SMS.


Ordered Saturday and delivered Sunday, in France?
I was amazed when in England a few weeks ago when our daughter did exactly that with tge delivery arriving at 8pm Sunday evening.
Uk Prime is delivery the next day or even the same day but France Prime is 2 days, at least in rural parts.

Usually true that Prime takes 2 days. Possibly because we are only 1/2 drive from Avignon. I was surprised! Not only by a Sunday delivery but the van having enough petrol. I gave a 5* review for the deliverer. I know they are stressed.

I always give them good reviews. There’s some jobsworth sitting comfortably at a desk somewhere checking their ratings. Anyway, we tend to get the same person delivering and she is great. Though Amazon marketplace vendors often use Chronopost too.

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Just wondering if you ever opened the mysterious package… and, if you did, what you found therein… :wink: :rofl: :crossed_fingers:

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Oh dear - yes I did open it. And discovered it was a bottle of Frankensense oil I’d ordered a few weeks before, and had totally forgotten about… :rofl:


Phew… thank heavens for a reasonable explanation… :+1: :+1: :wink: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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When do the Gold and Myrrh arrive ?

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