Paris periphery parking

It may still be possible by train but we will see on Monday. However strikes make the trip to Paris look annoying - wondering about driving and parking on the edge near the RER ( it ran a skeleton service last week). Any idea where may be same - ie avoid the worst of the traffic jams. Beyond Orly or Versailles I’m stuck - southern edge of Paris.

Driving into Paris isn’t happening - I am not catching a 1am bus. So as close to the edge as possible with rer looks the sensible solution.

The Paris equivalent of South Morden is what I need

Disneyland Paris?

Where are you coming from and which motorways will you be using? And roughly what time do you hope to be in Paris.

Your difficulty will be parking, as many others will be thinking the same as you. Look at the P&R sites (parkings relais), or maybe the airports?

We always park at Antony and walk to the RER B (100mts).

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Thanks. That looks a decent bet

Just watch out for the pickpockets

Doesn’t that apply universally in cities, and on public transport?

Antony works well - thanks for that.

We tried St Remy Les Chevreuse last week - that doesn’t work at all - 13 hour maximum stay in the car parks and on street parking. Right at the end of the RER B