No way will what happened in Paris last week ever be forgotten, but, most people seem to have forgotten this...

54 years ago, there was another attack in Paris.


I Agree with you John, especially about who owns what. Look at UK, - Chinese, French, and Saudis own what were once UK sate owned utilities ( till Maggies big sell off to ‘enable the little people’ to become shareholders) but in tiny blocks, not large ones!

Those Utilities! eventually had the major shareholders selling out to foreign companies of French & other origins, ie (water, electricity, waste Collection, Railways India (British Steel) now owned by TATA! How many Steelworkers have just lost their jobs? Grants made to foreign car companies to come and Build their factories and vehicles in UK! China going to build the next Nuclear Power Station in Essex. UK pharmaceutical companies taken over or sold out to American ones! All industries where Unions have large a large presence - let the little people keep more of their income and support and they won’t want to join a Union? Is that a current strategy? The employees have more to lose in terms of their union and human rights!
The Saudis buy several large properties/mansions etc., lost to British heritage. Huge rises in tax on sale of expensive properties won’t deter millionaires, they probably won’t want to sell! It may well be more of a deterrent to sellers at the lower but still high end of rising property values and well paid but not hugely rich British workers!

Yesterday’s announcement about not applying the Tax Credit Cuts, rise in pensions, (still not sure ify that will apply to expats) all designed to keep the ‘little people’ & unions happy and quiet?

On the political perspective I’m listening to the Commons debate as I write this. From comments made, it depends which side of the coin we all think The Conservative/Labour are coming from. It’s not the words used that count, it’s the meanings behind them based on perspectives! Re Allegiances, DC has just said “it’s about bringing together all the parts of the plan” what is the Plan DC?

Sorry I know I’ve involved Foreign/Home Affairs and political policies together in this, but it does make me wonder where the UK is heading, if not into oblivion!

One thing my health situation has given me, is plenty of time to really reflect on and take my interest in Politics more seriously!

Sadly very true.

On the subject of forgetting, please read this people.

Whatever your position on the topic, feelings about what appears in the Grauniad or anything else, it does at the very least sum up how history is selective and very forgetful extremely well. It is specifically about Paris but could equally be about the 1961 massacre.

Ironic too that around 1920 Mustafa Kemal was very close to Vladimir Lenin and swore to also fight against imperialism, whilst being armed by Russia.

Look the Turks have been trying for years to get into the EU. The West has been trying for centuries to stop the Muslims access to Europe. Attaturk saw the senseless of this and tried to establish a quasi laique state Religion was a private affair. Now Erdogan wants to play both sides against tjhe middle. He won't even be loyal to his treaties with OTAN. I don't want these imposteurs to be part of EU

I agree entirly Brian and I’m frustrated at how the reality of this mess is not being portrayed in the media, well Western media at least. There is an excellent geographic flight history on the BBC website, provided by the Turks of all people. This shows that the Russian aircraft overflew a small “isthmus” of Turkish territory projectimg into Syria, less than 4km wide. It also shows that the Russian aircraft was shotdown and crashed over Syrian territory (what were the Turks doing violating Syrian airspace?). IMO what the Turks did was premeditated and Obama’s blustering on protecting their airspace was disingenuous. Did the Turks do this on their own, I somehow doubt it. Personally, I suspect some form of mad McCarthyism is still alive and well in in the USA. Their obsession with Russia is bizarre. particularly since China owns the US, lock, stock and barrel. They’d be better off addressing that risk than screwimg up the M/E.

With you there John. The states who pull strings in the USA and also the UK as often as not, are there at the helm of the good ship Terrorism. Turkey, at least companies in Turkey, are buying oil from IS, defending Turkmen who are actually Syrian citizens whilst persecuting Kurds who are Turkish citizens. My faith in who is a friend of the west often makes me shudder. Putin is no angel but who is actually any better?

I agree Shirly. I trust Putin more than I trust the US and that’s saying something. And I trust Saudi and Israel, the US best pals in the M/E even less than I trust the US. This whole shambles has been brought to us by failed US foreign policy. Now we have the Turks, that bastion of civil rights, downing a Russian plane in Syrian airspace because of what they can only claim to be a 17 second incursion into their airspace, by a friendly nation. This is all dreadful.

check out the website bsnewsinfo

You’ll read plenty on there regarding the current situation with Paris bombings, the alleged complicity of G20 nations in financing Islamic State. Putin’s words go largely unreported by Western Media.

Who bought all those life rafts, who gave the Syrians the money to pay Traffickers and flee across the Med. I don’t know, but would like to. Why hasn’t western media reported from countries leaders, Saudi Arabia, et al who neither confirm, deny or express opinions! Europe and the USA have ‘financial’ interests there, like the Middle East has Political interests here!

I asked yesterday why no press coverage or even public western outpouring of sympathy, empathy or grief at the loss of over 200 Russian tourists returning from their holidays - like there has been for those westerners who were on holiday in Sharm el Sheik, or Tunisia? There is hardly any coverage if it includes Russia but Masses, if it includes the Middle East or Europe! There has been no further mention since the Russian Jet was brought down, of potential links to the 2 Malaysian aircraft that crashed or disappeared either!

Too many questions - not enough answers! time us, the people woke up to the realities of what our respective Governments purport to do in our names for our safety!

I think I’m starting to understand where Jeremy Corbyn is coming from and why!

The Paris massacre of 1961 was, for people who don't know about it, the one in which 103 peaceful pro FLN demonstrators died at the hands of the police on his orders.

Bordeaux, more like 1700 I believe, the Roma were simply herded up but never counted from what I have read and as for the Algerian Constantinois department during the Algerian War, the numbers of tortured and executed prisoners is unknown, some of the torture was in his hands.

Yes, Paris will be remembered but the past must not be, please remember among the many things it was a French SS division, the Charlemagne SS Division, that defended the Führerbunker to the last in 1945 among many other things.

Ste forward Maurice Papon, Prefet de Police in Paris. The same Papon who had over 1000 Jews deported to the death camps when he was responsible for the police in Bordeaux.