Parking at Bordeaux airport

Any advice on the cheapest parking for 2 weeks at Bordeaux airport, please?

Using this site parking for 1 week is around 20 cheaper.

But what I was really interested in was in hotel + parking. Mercure ( offer this service - Park, sleep and fly - but I found it too expensive.

comes with handy calculator and online booking; wisest to reserve

Does anyone know if there are any hotels (around the airport) offering room, parking and transportation to the airport?


You are welcome. Can you imagine them getting money out of a Scot or a Swiss, so there's the money angle ;-)

Thanks Brian and Claire

You can compare each car park here but Brian is right for longer stays no.4 is best.

My Mrs just did it for 8 days up until last Sunday. We have done the rounds between us now. The airport's own, so P4 car park for over 5 days (long term) for you. It is the cheapest. The private ones off the airport site are expensive, no more secure or better set up with cameras and their shuttle buses are nearly all unreliable and miserable if there are a lot of you returning off the same flight.

Just parked for a week at Bordeaux Airport long stay car park. Parking was cheap at 35 euros for the week.

Easyjet flight was 2 hours late due to French strikes.

I arrived back to airport about 1 hour after the time I suggested due to the delayed flight. I was a little surprised to have to pay 15 euro extra for the extra hour (for whole duration of the stay rate was 25 cents per hour). I think had a booked to several (6) hours after my flight the initial cost would have been the same.

I would suggest if anyone is parking at Bordeaux Airport Long Stay (P4) that they check how much longer you can stay for without incurring the next day’s charges. ie if dropping the car off at 3pm - see if charges are the same all the way up to 2pm on you day of return even if you are due in much earlier.

I have emailed to see if anything can be done - I received a reply with the equivalent of a shrug!

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