Parking at Carcassonne Airport

Has anyone been to Carcassonne airport recently? The website says that there are works going on at the airport and that the number of parking places has been reduced as a result. I was just wondering if anyone has seen the extent of the works and how many spaces have been lost. I'm due to fly on Thursday and need to be able to park my car at, or near, the airport.

Many thanks.

Thanks for this Phil.

We were in Carcassonne a couple of weeks ago and there doesn't appear to be any reduction in parking spaces, possibly more ,as Lesley was saying.

I was chatting to one of the car hire guys and he said that the move to the old garage on the other side of the road was a permanent move, hence the road underpass and lift there. He said that the old car hire area (and potholes!!!), was being renovated as new general parking spaces.

Thank you. That's reassuring.

We went through Carcassonne airport to uk and back 2 weeks ago. We left our car in the car park outside with no problem because they have actually opened a new additional car park situated to the left of the main building. The car hire cabins and hire cars have all been moved over the road until all that area is rebuilt and resurfaced. I think you will be fine parking there.