Parking in or near Bordeaux

We are staying in Bordeaux for a few days soon. Any advice on parking? Previously the place we were stating had its own parking - not so this time. We pondered parking at a station nearby and training in?

Arts et Metiers has a multi storey right next to the tram.

I am there for 3 days would this be ok for overnight? I had already considered the P&R but this is daytime only

It’s not clear to me but I would expect it to be

Yes it is. Thanks James. That site also shows us the parking near the Ibis hotel we are planning to stay at. Thanks again

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There are lots of parking areas next to little stations for the trolley network–you get parking / train tickets very reasonable ----BEST I" VE SEEN !!!

I was in Bordeaux this past July and there is free parking where you can leave your car overnight on Rue des Pontets near Pont de Pierre. I found parking there easily and left it there for 4 days. You don’t need a permit and there are no time restrictions. Just make sure you pay attention to the signs because there are some spots on that street where you can’t park. The best time of day is in the morning or late afternoon to find a spot.