Parking on the pavements

Makes me cross when I have to step into the road because the pavement is blocked…
Seems many drivers are ignorant of the fact that they face a fine of 135-545 euros… or even having their vehicles towed away (and scrapped?)
anyway, now we know the risks !! so take care where you park…

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Readily acceptable in France and, in some places encouraged, by markings on the surface. But I agree that blocking the pavement completely should not be allowed, there should be enough space left for a wheelchair to pass. Maybe that is already accounted for, I haven’t measured them. :smiley:

No need for pavement parking here though, ample room on the road, but one thing that really bugs me at Christmas in our nearby larger village, are the Christmas trees forcing a step into the road every 20 metres or so. :slightly_frowning_face:

[quote=“David_Spardo, post:2, topic:47178”]
Readily acceptable in France [/quote]

Whilst people might/do get away with it… as the link says… here, in France… car parking on the pavement… or straddling the pavement and the road… is an infringement of the Code de la Route… with the possible outcome I have mentioned… unless there is signage to specifically allow such parking.

Whether or not this law is implemented will possibly be down to local lethergy and/or lack of policing.
Sadly, it often takes an accident/incident… to shock people out of their bad-habits.

When there’s the Fêtes de Bayonne or the Foire du Jambon there’s a lot of creative parking. They park on the roundabouts, side of dual carriageways, sometimes the middle of the road, everywhere. Nobody seems to object to it!

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yep… it happens anywhere and everywhere at certain times… and is tolerated/smiled upon by the powers that be… we’ve done it ourselves.

Today’s link and info therein was a surprise to me… that doing thus is actually illegal… and you can bet your bottom dollar that if there’s an accident… Insurance companies will/might well use that fact to their own benefit,

anyway, next time I spot the owner of the car that regularly blocks the pavement on a local blind bend… I’m going to chat gently and mention this to them,… :wink:

Our local town has one road with marked parking bays but idiots park half in the bay and half on the pavement!

There is no problem in our village, plenty of off road parking, and no shops.

In the big village, plenty of parking and the main street is one way with the parking only on the right. that is how we avoid pavement parking.

Pavement parking totally banned in London Boroughs since the 70s. Councils make £millions (literally) from those who take a chance and cant claim they don’t know.

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I remember when I lived in Grenoble in 1981/82 parking was so simple, you could park anywhere. In fact you could just stop and get out. Happy days. Too many. bloody cars now.

I once delivered a small dog from Perigueux to Stanstead airport. The reason being that the young owner of the dog was flying in on her way to commence her studies at Bangor University (Wales, not NI) and Ryanair do not allow animals but trains do.

Towing my very small Teardrop caravan I arrived at the rdv place which was the local McDo’s and the parking was full to bursting, so, steeped as I was in French custom, I parked half on the pavement. Although I left enough room for pedestrians it took me some while to realise why I got so many dirty looks. No aggro though, not even a mild complaint, everyone was very British and restrained. Or perhaps they weren’t up to the challenge of arguing with a foreigner. :rofl: