Parkinson's... and how to recognize it

I found this interesting… although, thankfully, we do not suffer from the disease… it does give clear guidelines…__

It is interesting Stella, I thought that it started with tremors and that was how it was recognised, but this article certainly has given me food for thought.
I have to say that thankfully neither I or my loved ones suffer from this horrible disease.
I think that sometimes the symptoms of certain maladies don’t conform to our ideas.
For instance when my ‘ex’ had his first heart attack he had none of the symptoms that led us to think it was his heart. Luckily our wonderful doctor at the time, took one look even before examining him, and called out the emergency services. One life saved :slight_smile:


Pain in the shoulder is also associated with heart attacks, which not a lot of us know.
This happened to someone I know, fortunately his wife is a nurse and took him to A & E.
Even so it was only when he was put under stress that the real extent of his problem was discovered.
He used to ride a motorbike and go for really long cross country runs, so he could have collapsed at any time with very unfortunate results.
It was somewhat galling that his wife was hurt extremely badly in a road accident caused by someone having a heart attack .

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Sad about his wife… but glad that she was able to get him sorted.

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That must have been terrible for them both Jane. None of us know ‘what’s round the corner’ , thankfully so, in some cases.
English friends who had a holiday home here were back in the UK, the husband had terrible earache so his wife made an appointment for the doctor the same day. They were sitting in the waiting room when he collapsed, sadly the doctor and paramedics couldn’t revive him. The autopsy revealed that he had suffered a massive heart attack.
I am pleased that there are more and more health checks that are being offered. I take up the breast and colon screening when I get the reminders but have to admit to neglecting other aspects of health. :thinking: