Parliament Closure documents' disclosure blocked

I think they mean "Ministers say publishing No 10 advisers’ communications would ‘reveal stuff we’d rather keep under wraps’ "

It’s not that surprising but I very much hope that there is some route to enforcing the document release.

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some disclosure has taken place…

Yes, but not the Papers about the closure of parliament… :unamused::roll_eyes:

I suspect that it is hoped the Yellow Hammer Paper will take people’s attention away from the “Closure of Parliament”…

Well the fact that the gutter press is not even reporting yesterday’s judgement or that the government has yet to comply with the humble address will surely help.

When will the people realise they’ve been mugged?
or perhaps they see this:

Dominic Grieve is not one to take this rejection lying down.
I only hope that despite wanting to see Boris getting his comeuppance, he must not be made a martyr in the eyes of the non-thinking public.

It’s interesting, it’s all fairly calm and measured but this is a real battle for our democtratic institutions and processes. I doubt many of the public realise this - it is certainly not being presented to them in this manner by the media, instead we have attacks on one of the the judges by the Daily Mail because he has promoted Scots-French relations.

I am slightly surprised the Bercow is being fairly quiet on the matter though.