Part time business english teaching

If you are in Nord Pas de Calais or Picardie, my manager is always looking for native english speakers to work for Westmill in companies in these regions; the demand outstrips the supply (whether that be American, British, South African…or also French people who have lived abroad long enough to be pretty bilingual). Sometimes there are vacancies in other areas of France especially around Toulouse or Nantes.

You don’t need a teaching qualification (although experience helps)but speaking some French, having basic computer skills, being able to organise yourself & others and idealy a car are the most important factors.

Also our approach is more coaching than teaching; it is one-to-one or in binomes usually.

If you’d like more information best to contact me here in the first instance;


I haven't seen any posts about Tesol France and their job list. Most of the jobs are in the Paris region, but some are outside the Ile de France. You just have to sign up.

I too heard that Westmills were looking for staff, after laying off too many!


Hi Angela. I live in the Aude (11) about 3/4 hour east of Carcassonne and half an hour south of Lezignan-Corbieres. I am a car owner. Worked for the last 17 years as a Legal Executive so can cover business end of things. Also qualified TEFL teacher. DOn't know if there is any need in Carcassonne or Narbonne. Toulouse is a bit far for me. Would be 2 hour drive. Kind regards, Sheila.

hi Rosemary
Sounds good! sorry for the delay in replying; I’ve only just seen this comment. I will send a ‘friend request’ to you so that I can send you further details in a message.
Have a good evening

Oh I’m so sorry -I have only just seen this - what’s the latest? Did you contact Westmill on Rosemary’s behalf? I hope something works out for her (and you?)

Hi Catharine -
thanks a lot! R

Hi Rosemary
I know Westmill are actively looking for teachers in Toulouse at the moment so if Angela doesn’t get back to you, give me a shout and I’ll pass the details on as I’ve been in touch directly. But I’ll leave it to Angela for the moment as it was her contact - thanks again Angela!

Hi angela

I´m living in the Toulouse area and am putting together hours of work at the moment - could you give me some more information about any opportunities in this neck of the woods? I´m a qualified (RSA DipTEFLA) English teacher with several years experience at home and abroad, all ages, and I speak good French.

Thanks alot!

Sorry I totally forgot about this - how rude of me - sorry!
I never got your pm - did it say anything vital?

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Hi Angela,

Just joined this site. I’d certainly be interested. I’m based in dept 37 [which is one you don’t mention–but you never know!] Can cover Tours and basically the Loire Valley region.
I’m a fully qualified English teacher with experience in international schools and have, in the past taught business English to small groups of company employees needing to update skills.

Hi Angela


I’ll send you a private message with my mail address.


Hi Catherine

Yes, can do.

I have also sent you a private message - don’t know if it went though, as there was no acknowledgement when I clicked the send button.

You can post it yourself on Frogsiders if you want to. You just have to register as a contributor first.


Hi Patrick,

Thanks for your interest; that would be great. I wondered where the other expatriates round here were! What is the link to your blog? And could you give me a personal e-mail address as then I could send you contact details if you wish to pursue things further yourself (or add me as a friend on here).



Hi Patrick
Any chance you can let all your contacts know about SFN too please? I can put something together for you if you like? Thanks! Catharine

Hi Angela

I’m in the pas De Calais close to the Picardy border. I could be interested for myself, but even if not, I might be able to help in another way.

I have a well-read blog site aimed at local expats, also a mailing list of British residents in the Nord/Pas De Calais. Perhaps I could help spread your message around among my contacts in the region.


Hi Angela - I’m way outside of your area but should you have anything in the 64 / 40 areas, I’d be really interested. I’m potentially happy to travel to Bordeaux too…

Hi Angela,
I am a CELTA English teacher based in the Vendee, about an hour from Nantes. I am interested in your teaching proposal and would like to know more.
Please contact me at

Howie Taylor