Participants needed for Linguistic study

Hi everyone! I apologize if this is not the appropriate category for this post.

I’m a postdoc in Linguistics at Université Paris Saclay and I am currently looking for volunteers to participate in an experimental study on native English pronunciation. The experiment involves reading sentences out lout in a soundproof room at Université Paris Cité in the 13th arrondissement.

If you are a native speaker of American English or Canadian English living in Paris and would like to participate or get more info, you can contact me at .
Don’t hesitate to spread the word. The more participants the better! Thank you in advance!

Hi, welcome to SF.

I think you need to run this past the site owners - @cat and @james before posting.


I am wondering how many North Americans we have on here, I know that without the spoken word it is difficult to determine, especially in light of so many (not here perhaps) English speakers mistakenly using cross Atlantic terms and word contructions, but must admit to not suspecting others otherwise.

Sadly from your point of view @Anisia_UPSaclay, I am neither North American nor keen on visiting Paris. :wink: :smiley:

Had your requirements for regional speakers been different, and in a different place, I would have considered it very interesting to take part. Any chance you might like to listen to an East Midlander in the Dordogne, do you think? :rofl:

Didn’t we have a similar announcement in the past ?