Pass Sanitaire Expiry Date - simulator - updates

I know folk locally who are worried they will run out of time… as appointments are hard to get at the moment.

by using the Simulator I can put their minds at rest…

their earliest appointment vacancy for the 3rd jab is 25 January… but their PS won’t run out until 5th Feb… phew…

Is your area particularly hard then Stella? They’ve opened up lots of new centres in our departement and I’ve just had a hasty glance at and if they could get to e.g. Bergerac, they could get an appointment on Monday! Probably too far though…

Our nurses are doing them and apparently giving appointments quickly!

Friends asked at the Pharmacy and were told to “come back on xxx” to make the appointment for late December…
However, in the interim period the world has gone mad…
they duly went back to their pharmacy to be told that the earliest date they could NOW offer is 25th January… which got them flummoxed and panicking…

They’ve accepted that date but agreed with the pharmacy, that they are going to look for something sooner and, if they can find it, they will cancel the pharmacy one.

Since then… they’ve been checking doctolib and found nothing sooner…

Perhaps this is a good sign and folk are really stepping up to the plate and getting jabbed. They’ve had their 2 and this 3rd in January will still be within gov guidelines.

Frankly, now they’ve found that the PS won’t stop working… they feel much better…

I think everyone is doing their best.

My friends now feel that they won’t push for earlier 3rd jabs, but leave the vaccine appointments available for those whose need might be greater than their own.
They’ll wait patiently… for their own turn.

Please suggest to people not to use Doctolib to find jab availability! It is very limited (being private) whereas the State one has a great deal more. As I said before - they could get one in Bergerac on Monday but of course I have no idea how far away that is for them - I just picked it at random as an example…

It’s ok Angela… they’re quite happy now.

You’re right to push but there’s still nothing locally… all booked up.

(although I found OH’s and my own appointments (1 & 2) … very swiftly thanks to doctolib… earlier this year .)

I just wanted to bring the Simulator to everyone’s attention, in case they were worried…
as I’ve found it so useful… already…

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Something doesn’t add up with!
According to the site my nearest place is 3.59 kms away. It is actually 50 kms away! But if I can get a definite RDV I would go there. First I will try closer places I know :woman_shrugging: my PS expires 6th January. I have been trying for several weeks, even choosing the sans preference vaccine.

On your doorstep Stella?

thankfully, I’m done and dusted

Limoges is no good for them… and, as I say… they’re happy to wait … now… and get done locally.

Ok, I understand.
I think if someone is prepared to travel then they are available at various places sooner rather than later.

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The simulator has removed the worry… and they will be jabbed within walking distance… in due course.

I’ve always used doctolib. After returning from the UK yesterday, I used doctolib to find a 3rd jab for myself and OH. I picked December 15th, although I could have had several slots before then. I also used doctolib to find our first jabs when all other avenues came up empty. I think doctolib is much better in the south than it is in the north.

Interestingly enough… using “santé.fr” if I press “prendre rdv”… I am redirected to “doctolib”

so it seems the 2 sites are actually working together… to a degree

That is absolutely true, Stella IF (and only if) the particular venue you have selected is registered with Doctolib. Generally speaking, the Doctolib list is a subset of the one.

Of course, depending on the region and the preferences of local medical people, that subset may well be the majority of available places. Around here some are registed with Maiia and when you get to Brittany, a lot of medical services are registered with someone beginning with K (I forget the name - sorry…)


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Exactly what I found out this morning… :hugs:
I think we’re going round in circles… needlessly.
the important thing is to make sure ones Pass does not expire…

There are various sites. Keldoc seems to have nothing in the south but loads further north. For Doctolib, it seems to be the opposite.

For my location Doctolib has a fraction of the venues on

I’m keeping an eye on both as for the 2nd vacc Doctolib was also light at the start, but added many more appointments as time went on.

Also a lot more convenient to just click and book with Doctolib, rather than have to phone (when you can get through, that is) and find the only appointment is next October on a Tuesday at 1700