Passe Sanitaire - Passe Vaccinale and beyond

Just to make things easier to find… I thought this might be worth posting on its own.


As “Entrance-folk” can ask to see photo-ID if they feel the need, do make sure you have Carte Vitale or whatever carries your photo… as well as the all important Passe.
Anyone who cannot produce a photo-ID if such is demanded… they can be refused entry, but cannot be fined or anything else…

this is how I understand things, but I’m sure more details will come forth if not…

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I didn’t think it was legal for anyone other than the forces of law and order to inspect ID?

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The Sages have allowed just what I have described… it’s outlined in one of the links I’ve already shared

Concernant les vérifications d’identité par les cafetiers, restaurateurs, dans les cinémas ou encore les théâtres en cas de doute sur le détenteur d’un passe, le Conseil estime qu’il ne s’agit pas d’un contrôle de police administrative. « Le refus de la personne de produire » un document officiel comportant sa photo « ne peut avoir pour autre conséquence que l’impossibilité pour elle d’accéder à ce lieu »,

this is Google’s finest translation:

"Regarding identity checks by cafeterias, restaurateurs, in cinemas or even theaters in the event of doubt about the holder of a pass, the Council considers that this is not an administrative police check. “The refusal of the person to produce” an official document containing his photo “can have no other consequence than the impossibility for him to access this place”,

Hopefully that will help to cut out all the fake passes.

I’m guessing that’s what they’re hoping to achieve.

So a market for fake vaccine passes and fake photo cards then? As they can’t verify your name or address, and just that the person standing in front of them looks like the photo on a credit card object I doubt if that will stop serious fraudsters.

Equally were I to have a fake vaccine pass in my own name, then I would also have ID that match.

All it might stop is people casually sharing their passes with friends.

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That would be a good step… surely

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Please can someone explain what the new Pass+ utility in the Tous Anti Covid App actually is and how it should be used.

I updated my Tous Anti Covid App yesterday (it is now version 4.2.0 #468)
When I go to Open My Wallet, At the top I see My Certificates / Pass+ / Info. When I go to Pass+ it explains about creating a Pass+ account if you have just started your vaccinations. However below that I get a Yellow Triangle Warning that “we have detected similar profiles: and it shows my Christian name and married name and then my Christian name, birth name and married name. It seems that the LabOffice has the 3 names on my account and so my PCR test some time ago however my vaccination certificates all just have the 2 names.
It then says that I should go to the vaccination centre and they can correct it. However, I am not sure what the correct one should be….

Does anyone else have a expiration date on their booster certificate on anti covid app, I had the J&J for my first vaccination so just one jab, I have a expiration date on my Moderna booster which obviously shows as my vaccination 2 of 2 and a expiration date of the 20th May.
My OH and FIL had 2 pfizer and don’t as their booster shows vaccination 3 of 3 and no expiration date on the certificate.
I take it I will need another booster before 20th of May :thinking:

I’ve a vague feeling this has been covered somewhere already… but blowed if I can find it.
why not ask your Doc ???

Edit: @Griffin36 it’s in the link further up… I posted it a day ago…

Si votre dose de rappel constitue votre deuxième dose, le certificat utilisé pour le passe vaccinal comporte sans doute « une date d’expiration », comme s’il n’avait jamais eu lieu. Il suffit de télécharger un document sans date de validité sur le site Ameli. Explication

If your booster dose is your second dose, the certificate used for the vaccination pass probably has an “expiration date” on it, as if it never happened. All you have to do is download a document without an expiry date from the Ameli website. Explanation