Passport Colour

So, the UK passport cover is to revert to blue after Brexit as first used in 1921from the current burgundy colour when the common EU colour format was adopted.

blue passports to return

Our passports don’t expire till 2020 but feel inclined to retain the burgundy format so will be applying for updates before the colour changes so we can at least retain some semblance of EU identity.

Of course, if we are successful in getting French passports, we will continue to be burgundy babes :grin:

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At last, a positive result from BREXIT!
But I guess they’ll need to keep something blue when Scotland take back their Saltire from the Union Flag.

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So, how many hundreds of thousands of pounds to change to the new format ? Yet another expense no one talks about …


This is what Labour MP David Lammy had to say…makes sense to me…

“For F***’s sake.

“I don’t care about the colour of my passport.

“I do care about my constituents’ jobs and living standards!”

He added: “This whole passport thing is so embarrassing.

“Brexit is beginning to feel like a huge effort to turn the clock back 100 years with some misguided imperial overtones.

“I much prefer my current passport with the free inbuilt bonus feature of visa-free travel to European countries.”


It’ll come home to the brexiteers more clearly when they realise the
booze cruise to Calais will entail huge queues


The contract to supply the new passports will be going out to tender…including companies in Germany and France. Doesn’t seem like taking back control to me…




And who oversees the security ? I have visited (many years ago as part of my job )HMSO where passports are assembled, security was extremely strict. The special watermarked paper used is’ weighed in’, all the ‘offcuts’ are weighed and the weights have to be spot on. All this takes place in special security ‘cages’.
If this is ‘tendered’ out to other companies I wonder if they will take such strict precautions ?

It will be technologically advanced but most importantly it will be British. What’s not to like?..


This is utter nonsense. The UK can have their passports any colour they want. There is no requirement that EU members must have burgundy passports. Croatia has blue passports.

This is just a disingenuous gesture by the Brexit obsessed government to link a colour change with Brexit.


The Home Office have said it will cost £500 MILLION. Some government minister on TV today has said it will cost nothing because passports are due to be amended/upgraded in 2019 anyway. Who to believe!!??

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Hi Mandy
I think that we are better off believing that Father Christmas exists ! How can a government minister say that it will cost nothing, mind you they would say that wouldn’t they !
It’s like never never land since Brexit, but any which way we look at things its a win, win situation for government ministers with their high salaries and pensions …


Father Christmas is alive and well… he visited our Commune today. It was lovely to see the kids’ eyes light up when he strolled into the room. :heart_eyes:

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If Father Christmas was in the UK and he was from the EU, next year the kids will have to check to make sure he has the correct visa application… :slight_smile:

Just found this quote Mandy, this might be the minister you heard … Labour MP Mary Creagh tweeted: “No-one under 45 will have owned a blue passport, and most will think they’re not worth £50 billion and crashing the economy.”

What about his reindeer, will they be allowed in ? :wink:


Face value - what a total waste of time and money… but hey let’s all jump on the knee jerk bandwagon.

When it eventually comes to the point…I expect I will be when the passports require renewing that you may get a different colour one.
Personally i couldn’t care less what colour it is; except not to waste millions on replacing every single one that is burgundy.

I think that is indeed the idea Glenn… to change them only as they come up for renewal…

Hello Ann

No it was Immigration minister Brandon Lewis on Good Morning Britain this morning at 6:37. It was a clip I saw on Twitter. He said that passports were going to be upgraded for extra security in 2019 and that this would have happened even if there was no Brexit. Therefore they were changing colour at the same time. As a result the colour change will cost the taxpayer nothing.

Interesting to note he said the taxpayer. I guess that means that the cost will be borne by those renewing a passport after 2019. It’s already a lot of money to renew a passport, wonder how much the cost will rise?

Here’s a link to the Brandon Lewis clip I have mentioned here a few times.