Passport expiry and Residence card

My wife is travelling to the UK next week for 10 days. Her passport has less than the required time left on it when she returns. She does however have a 10-year residence card, so when she returns she will obviously not be visiting. Will her CdR get her round the time restriction?

No, she still needs to have a valid passport with more than 10 years remaining. UK passports are sometimes 10 years and 6 months depending when renewed - this is now illegal in the EU (as for any other TCN person). You can pay for a quick turn around passport while she is there.

Think you meant “more than 6 months remaining” @toryroo :rofl:



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there is a thread about Passports you might find interesting under “General”

It’s interesting actually as I’m sure I had read that as a resident the 6 month rule validity rule to get back in wasn’t actually applicable as it was for non-residents, but it was some time ago and I trust @toryroo over my own faltering memory so I will mentally correct myself!

I think the “better safe than sorry” rule probably applies here… :smiley:

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As I understand things providing your passport was issued less than 10 years ago and has at least 3 months left then as long as you have a CdS you cannot be denied entry into France.

That sounds good, Tim, thank you.

Sounds good to me too, thanks Tim, and thanks also to those who have taken the time to reply.

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@Deuxanes Please report on how things worked out… after your wife gets safely back onto French soil… :+1:

Will do.
Didn’t realise what a trial booking the day 2 and day 8 tests would be. Did them through Boots, and their website was dreadfully slow. Will be doing the pre-flight test at our local pharmacie. Just the Passenger Locator Form to do after that.

Why are you ordering a day 8 test? Only the antigen within 3 days of your arrival in UK and ONE pcr test is needed if coming from France to UK

Expert Medicals for Day 2 try from around 1pm each day

I mean antigen test less than 3 days before arriving in the UK and day 2 pcr test in UK

@Carl - didn’t realise until we’d paid for the damn thing that only a day 2 is needed. Oh well, it’s only money :weary: and it won’t hurt to get a second test, especially since no one in the UK seems to wear a mask.
At least we didn’t have to pay for the test here, and we’ve both had our third jabs.

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3rd jabs? I didn’t realise the French had started the booster already?

Yes, as hinted above, I want my wife to be as Covid-proof as possible!

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Here’s an update on my wife’s experiences going to the UK and back to France.

She flew Ryanair Carcassonne - Stansted. Got to Carcassonne early and with only a short queue at passport control (I’d printed out all the necessary medical ‘proofs’)
was quickly into the waiting area - after having to remove her hair grip.

Her paperwork was all checked again at Stansted, again with no problems.

Just as straightforward coming back, no problems at Stansted and nothing said about the expiry date on her passport. The guy at passport control at Carcassonne mentioned very politely that my wife’s passport hadn’t long to run and that was it. The only delay she noticed was passengers scrolling through their phones trying to find all their medical proofs. Having them all printed meant that it took seconds to check, as opposed to minutes, but that’s neither here nor there in the grand scheme of things.

At all times she made sure that her residence card was visible.