Passport expiry date - check it!

I am not sure if it has been covered here but, on a lot of passports (if I understand it correctly) if you applied for a new one early they added the time left onto the 10 years, now due to brexit folks look at the expiry date and give themselves 6 months before that date to renew it.
Now folks are finding out that date is wrong because the 10 year rule is from the date issued and this does not total up with the expiry date.
We had a look at the FIL passport and his expiry date is July 2022 but 10 years is actually January 2022, so we will have to renew his passport now or he wouldn’t get back across to France on his old passport if we went home just now, due to needing 6 months still to run.

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Thanks so much for this info. That’s nasty! My passport shows 10 years - start date to end date, but OH’s is like this woman’s start date is April, end date is September. So he needs to count back from April for the 6 month lead time, not count back from September. Important to know.

We hope to be going back to the UK next month for a few weeks, so will have to renew when we are there or we would have stood a chance of him getting back home here and getting turned away at Dover
I don’t know if him having rescedency here would have made any difference or not, but we thought we had plenty time.

That’s a bit of a trap.

Thanks very much for highlighting this @Griffin36 . It looks like I will have 3 months less unexpired time than I thought. I also believed that you couldn’t renew a UK passport more than 6 months in advance but I may be completely wrong about that of course. As you say, being resident may make a difference as we aren’t coming into France on a tourist visa but much better safe than sorry…

For Pete’s sake - this always gets my goat.

They aren’t new rules and they aren’t even EU rules.

They are Schengen rules which now apply to Brits.

Bloody crap reporting.


Where did I say they were new EU rules.

Well you did supply the report and the source…

It’s not “you” but it is clearly stated in the link on your post…

highlight the chosen words and click “quote” Your name comes up as you are the “original poster”

don’t worry… it’s not your fault… this passport thingy is yet another UK benefit of Brexit :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Not you as such, but your first link from Teeside Live starts “New EU rules…”

I did mention this about 6 months ago, but it was in the context of one of the CDS threads, I should have done a more obvious post at the time. Thank you for bringing it up as it is absolutely vital that everyone knows about it.


A timely warning from the #BlackBeltBarrister regarding passports and validity. He references Air travel but I think the same rule applies for all modes of travel