Passport - interview

Hi I am British with also French nationality. I have asked for a French passport. I already have my French identity card. I have been told by my marie that I will need to have an interview and bring also the necessary documents like ID, photo etc. I wondered if anyone else has done the same as I would like some idea of what to expect at the interview. Thankyou in advance.

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Hi Fiona… sounds fascinating…it will surely not be onerous, as you already have French Nationality… and it will be at your Mairie, where they probably know you already…so it will more than likely be a relaxed chat.

They have to go through the rigmarole of the paperwork… no matter what… so go armed with everything… and wear your best smile…


The mairie deal with the dossier - it’s more a rdv than an interview, did it for my kids passeports not long ago as the photos on their cartes d’identité are so out of date (buty they won’t renew them until they’re expired!). No hassle at all :wink:

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Thanks Andrew!