Past & Present Rotarians Fellowship Club ( An English conversation luncheon Club ( Bergerac )

At long last we are now officially registered . Our first AGM meeting took place last month. 32 attending of our 34 members. We are a mixed gender Club and although related to Past and Present Rotarians, we also welcomed and have members from our cousin Clubs; Innerwheel , Probus, Round Table, Ladies Circle, 41Club. Always meet on the second Wednesday of each month. Always at the Hotel Kyriad Bergerac, for a three course menue including wine and coffee @ 20€ pp ( pay on the day ). Dress; casual smart as the seasons dictate. For further information or reservations please contact ; Our next meeting us on 8th June

Mixed sex group, surely. Mixed gender conjures up quite (presumably) the wrong mental image…


Depends on who’s mind ? We don’t do " mixed sex " we just have lunch and a chat



Mixed sex = there are men and women
Mixed gender = crossdressers, genderfluid, trans etc

Sex is biologically determined, gender is a social construct (and a grammatical concept), hence all the hoo-ha about théorie du genre.


Phew, all I can say is… take a rest between Lunch and Sex… or indigestion will surely spoil the fun…:smile:


Or have a light lunch

Best laugh of the day Stella…all sorts of images spring to mind. Especially if someone asks for Andrews :rofl:

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You are lucky! I tried to start-up a Club in the Var but … no luck.

Do you have a Magic Stick ? ;^)

I’ve just read this, it came up as a current thread​:rofl::joy: thank you Stella made my day !