Patchwork/Quilting Queries

I definitely think that patchwork and quilting needs a discussion of its own! I admit to being biased as I am keen patchwork and quilter - and I have a long arm machine to work with!!

I hope that there are plenty of other keen patchworkers and or quilters out there - and that this will be a good place for them to share their projects, or ask any questions!!


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I too am interested in textile art and find confusion of where quilting stops and art begins. I think anything that is 3d and cannot be washed (when it is a quilt) becomes art - on a purely basic view. I also find that some of the ladies quilts here are done beautifully, geometrically correct and using wonderful materials but I prefer to use old materials and find geometrically patterns far too restricting. Also where do they put all the wall hangings they seem to make - I was reared that everything must have a purpose but then WM said things could be beautiful and useful.

Thank you very much for this.

I think textile art is in an evolutionary phase - I am just sitting on the sidelines and watching.

Our new group member Jane is into all sorts, so I shall enjoy watching her at work.

She took some paper napkins away with her last week to stitch over and distress - we await the results eagerly!!

Definitely agree that there is a point/line where art and craft meet - and it isn't necessarily in the same place for everybody!!

From a patchwork and quilting point of view - I find that there is a point where I feel that a quilt has been stitched and embellished BEYOND the point where it is a Quilt. It has ceased to be a quilt, and it has become "Art" or Machine Embroidery - and often the work is absolutely STUNNING. I think it must be a huge challenge for Judges at Shows/Exhibitions to assess whether a piece is actually appropriate! Not that I wish to quash new developments - I don't! I am just not sure that they should be viewed/judged in the same way, or same place! :-)

OK, let' leave it where it is for now.

I have a lady who has just started in our local craft group - she is what I would describe as a "textile artist" - I feel there is a point where crafting and art "meet" and it is new territory for a lot of people - I could see that one or two other members were not quite on the same page - it fascinates me though!

Hi Margo - do you think a "textile design" queries discussion may be a good idea - or can you think of another name for it?

Totally agree Lucy about a quilting page.

I am very new to quilting, but it fascinates me - I do feel however to be a player in the saying " a fool can ask more questions than a wise man can answer" - I persuaded a school friend to give me a taster day when I was last back in the UK.

I thought her head was going to come off with all the questions I asked - she was excellent, and prepared some first class hand outs. For anyone just getting into quilting, I can scan them in and put them up here in the group.

Let me know

That is a good clear photo and explanation. As long as the fabric is cut straight and with a uniform seam allowance it will work brilliantly!

This is what I had to do when I was first learning how to use a sewing machine and how to stitch straight, and to stitch even curves!

Put an old needle into the sewing machine, and remove the thread. Then draw straight lines (and curves) on to a piece of paper. Then simply treat the paper as fabric, put it into the machine, put the presser foot down, and "stitch". The holes that the needle makes show you how well you are doing, and it is an excellent way to learn how fast you can sew and still keep it under control!! It is a real confidence builder too as you can see how much you are improving! :-)

I am a tentative, unable to stitch a completely straight line, patchwork quilter and would love to see other people's work and have advice etc.,