Patel is going from very bad to even worse

Now she wants to ship refugees back to the EU (as if the UK was still a member). So far 27 countries (and the UN) have said sod off :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I used to wonder how somebody who owes everything to the welcome the UK afforded her refugee parents (victims of Idi Amin) can behave so despicably to other refugees. But then it occurred to me that she’s only playing to the Tories core supporters, the xenophobic. The irony of it, they vote for one refugee to clobber the others. :angry:


Interestingly, this part of France (47) had a large influx of Italians after the war, encouraged to come by France to what was a very underpopulated part of the country. Many of our second generation immigrant farming /artisan neighbours have Italian surnames. This part of France now votes right of Genghis Khan and many would be very happy to see Le Pen in power.

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Obviously the descendants of Mussolini supporters :wink: Though there doesn’t seem to be the same fear of fascism in Italy as there is in Germany.

My own area is quite rightwing, not in public but there’s an undercurrent.

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Having thought about this a little more, I wonder why she’s not confronted by the media with this contradiction. One refugee (one generation removed) bashing other refugees. I remember working with an Indian from Uganda in the mid seventies, lovely man. Every few weeks he was off to Heathrow to steer a relative, friend, whatever, through emigration. Goodness knows what would have happened to them if left to the tender mercies of the lunatic Amin.

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Although I find Patel’s politiques odious, I’m not wholly surprised. The Ugandan Asians were kicked out by Amin not simply because he wanted to appropriate their assets, but because they were unpopularfairly recent immigrants who’d become the country’s middle class and were perceived (rightly or wrongly) as stymying the upward social mobilityof local people.

There too often seems to be an awkward tension between Indian Asians and Africans, with the former often falsely seeing themselves as superior (of course, their home country has a a caste system). Likewise under Apartheid Indians were an intermediate case between black and white whilst Japanese investors were honary Whites. Nothing new, it’s just now much more blurred or fudged.

Our Herault immigrants are from Andalucia, persecuted by Franco. It doesn’t stop the supporting Le Pen. Odd that.

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