Patrimoine help with renovations?

Does anyone have any experience getting finacial help with renovations on 'important' buildings? We have been told that ours is (maison de vigneron built in 1810), but the façade needs a little attention...

Very good point... I think I might take that on board... Thank you!

We haven't applied for anything as the locals here say that when you apply for subsidies, your taxe d'habitation goes up and you pay everything back thrice. Any experience anybody?

We once notified the commune about a modification of a window and immediately got sent a letter from the tax office to fill in. (in which they stated this was an annual procedure, which is bull**** as we have never received such a letter before or after that) Taxes went up accordingly afterwards...

Miles, similar issue at mine but more extensive, best to get a suitably qualified architect to liase with Historic Monuments of the department. They can actually make the village/town do something. My architect may be able to help but is very busy he is in Narbonne.

We applied for help with repointing our house and rendering a house we rent out via the local commune's scheme for encouraging energy conservation. Only got about 1/6th of the cost but better than nothing.