Paul McKenna CD equivalent in French?

Hi all

One of my adult English pupils is in a real "state". Not only does this mean that her perceived problems are likely to cause her to quit English and my already miserable income will be depleted even more... but they're ruining her life, quite unnecessarily.

Shoot me down for being dense if you like, but in order to cope with the "depression" associated with moving to France a couple of years ago, the loss of my livelihood (for which I was unprepared), the lack of support from a certain person who assumed I should just flick a switch, become "French" and slip neatly into a box like everyone else, yadda yadda yadda.... long story short, before I could do ANYTHING, more intelligent or otherwise, I resorted to a book PLUS CD by Paul McKenna - hypnosis - entitled "I can make you happy".

Well, as the vulgar UK TV ad (for Ronseal) says, it "does exactly what it says on the tin" - i.e. lifts one out of the depths of depression enough to start to regain control of life - at which point one can start to do something a little more intelligent than lounge around listening to hypnosis CDs that have little basis in science or, in fact, anything, BUT WHICH WORK....

So, despite my educative background in social science, I say if it works, it works, and I'm not going to analyse why.

What I'd like to do, is recommend it to this French lady, to help her - but while Mr McKenna's books have been translated (or at least some of them have), it appears that they haven't made a CD (not surprisingly). For me, the book "I Can Make You Happy" is OK, but it's the CD that really works.

So, does anyone have any recommendation for something equivalent in French?


Hi Emily

No idea at all I'm affraid but I very much doubt it as if you're the slightest bit down or depressed in France you go straight to your doctor's and get the usual perscription for anti-depressants (half of France is on them). It's seen as so normal, along with all pill popping, that no one would dream of self-help and reading a book etc. to sort themselves out, it's just not done that way as you know only too well :-O

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