Paying first EDF bill

I’ve just moved here and I’ve managed to setup an EDF contract and now got my first bill to pay.
I already have a bank account in an other country in the eurozone and that was the iban number that I gave when setting up the account with direct debit.

Now I’ve got two questions

  • Is direct debit a thing that can happen between two countries within the eurozone?
  • If not, what other options are there for EDF bill payments? In their web client space I can only find card payments as alternative. Sepa transfers are not used for bill payments?

I pay 2 monthly by online transfer, don’t like others’ sticky fingers taking money out of the account.

In your Espace Client you can enter your bank IBAN to make a TIP payment. I’m sure that if there’s an issue with you non-French Euro account you will find out at that point.

If it’s all good then you can set up a direct debit from the same account for future payments.

Yes, this is no issue. I have my EDF set up to my GB IBAN Starling Euro account, my Ulys toll tag set up to my DE IBAN N26 account and something (I forget what) set up to my NL IBAN Bunq. it doesn’t matter what it is as long as it takes SEPA DDs (which any Euro bank account will)

Thanks for the replies. Good to know direct debit works between countries.