Paying my EDF facture

Just had a most extraordinary experience at le bureau de poste.

Went to pay our EDF facture (I like to get a receipt when I pay this particular bill, story too long to explain) as usual and was asked for a piece d’identité which is definitely not usual. Apparently, the rules have changed.

Anyway, the facture is in my husband’s name. Can you guess what’s going to happen next???

I have a British passport and a French driving licence both in my maiden name and she just looked at me and said “C’est pas le même nom!!”. She was perplexed!! After much huffing she decided to use the details but not my name :thinking: She then asked for a date and place of birth and decided that should be for my husband even though it was my driving licence :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Was he born in London she asked (I almost asked her if she was born in Paris!!) and when I said no, Maltby, I had to write it down for her. She eventually took my money and the facture is paid. Hallelujah :tada:

I then remembered a Michael Mcintyre joke about paying bills and here it is, it starts at about 3mins 30 secs.

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Fab story Mandy - sadly not unusual! My Lynda recently changed her tatty French paper driving licence for the standard European card version. Easy to do online but the new card arrived in her maiden name and absolutely cannot be changed into her married name. The old licences showed both. Not a huge deal until she went to pick up her hire car in the UK on a recent quick visit. Computer said ‘no’ and the very boring saga began…:slight_smile:

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So typically French! My most recent one was the URSSAF demand for payment last autumn. Which was addressed to a shortened version of my formal first name (which I never use anyway) and my husband’s surname. A person who doesn’t and has never existed! I was so tempted to send it back saying “person unrecognised”…


I had no choice with my driving licence either. It was a tortuous 5 month process to get it and I was so grateful when I finally received it that I just accepted it. The trouble I had collecting a parcel from Auchan you would not believe :unamused:

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