Paying tax

Following the post about declaring UK Bank accounts I discovered pensions should be declared as well.

I recommend people to read tax agreement between France GB implemented in 2010. (2008 France and UK Double Taxation Convention-in force).

I have just spent a very interesting morning talking with the local people. And have managed to get it all organised.

Everyone from UK living in France is obliged to declare their UK income and bank accounts in both countries.... Don't say, "they won't know about me" they do,,, you pay taxes on your houses... It's all on the same system (they use Microsoft... (We joked about that as well this morning.)) not going into details .. But I liked working with their comp,as well...

(But then I was a civil servant in GB so know about these things...)

please se do something about it friends... If you don't you will be subject to a very heavy fine when "they" do find you!


You don't have to declare ALL your income in the UK if you are tax resident in France. We only declare the income from renting out our UK property-which you have to do and also pay any tax that is applied to that income. Our pensions ( not govenment and no OAP ) is declared in France and not the UK at all. Since our pensions are paid with no tax deducted as is (the admittedly low) interest on our UK bank accounts-the tax authorities know where we live and what we do-they after all gave us the NT tax code on those incomes. All this in accordance with the UK tax authorities who send us the SA forms for UK rental income. Have I mis -read your post when you say thatyou must declare everything in the UK and France?

If you have signed the convention between France and GB (FR2) and live permanently in France you only have to declare income tax and those stated in the pic of the convention I have included. Certain incomes are exhonerated. You will never be taxed twice on the same income. But you have to declare in GB and in France. You are allowed off shore accounts as well.

it is worth downloading the convention, available form HM GOv in English and in French.

happy reading!

What do you mean by 'convention'? We filled in France Individual forms. One for French Impots, one for HMRC. After that we only declare in UK that income that is taxable in the UK. You have confused me in your first post you say that 'Everyone from UK living in France is obliged to declare their UK income and bank accounts in both countries' Not according to HMRC. They know we are in France-they send us SA every year for rental income which is generated in the UK and therefore taxable in the UK.They do not and have never asked us for a declaration of pension income ( non govt.) or ordinary bank interest. Your original post is misleading -since it reads as if you mean ALL income which is not true-at least not as far as HMRC is concerned.