Payment for collection of rubbish

I wonder if anyone can answer a query on this. We have had a bill for Euros163 for "ORDURES MENAGERES ". We had thought rubbish collection would be included in local taxes. Has anyone else had this? I really do not want to go along to local authority and start querying it and getting all uptight with them if this the norm!?

Many thanks for any feedback …much appreciated

Two years ago our local waste service (USTOM) launched their RDI to encourage more recycling. The idea was that you would pay for what you dumped. A basic charge depending on the size of the bin (ranging form about €140-360) per year which included the first 18 collections and then collections in excess of this were charged at a rate depending on the size of the bin. Special bags were also available at about the same as the collection for a small bin. Collections would continue to be weekly. So far so good. In principle the scheme was to be cost neutral so those who recycled more would pay a little less and those who did not quite a bit more. The cost of the Taxe d'habitation would be reduced to compensate.

Last year was a "sample year" during which the bins were monitored (each has a chip which is read each time it is collected). An illustrative account was rendered to each household but the cost was still included in the Taxe d'H so no actual bill was submitted.

However, this year (the first actual chargeable year) a number of changes were announced without consultation or warning.

Collections were now to be every 14 days instead of weekly. OK in the winter but not in the summer when the bins get pretty smelly after a couple of weeks.

Glass bottles would not longer be collected at all and had to be taken to locally placed bins or the Tri Selectif.

Large additional bins with yellow lids were provided for paper,cardboard, plastic bottles,cartons etc to replace the small yellow boxes we previously used. The capacity of these bins was about 4 times that of the boxes. As collections were only made from the front of the houses many people had to pull the bins through their houses, often up several steps as many of the houses on the hilly roads are split level with the back lower than the front. Not easy for the many elderly residents in the village.

The local Tri Selectif remains free to card holding residents (at the moment!)

The basic charge for the bin + 18 collections remained the same even though the maximum number of collections was now only 26 instead of 52. This would reduce the cost for some who had put their bins out every week previously but created.

There is a local petition about the changes but expectations of achievingh any change are low.

Ours changed about 3 years ago so that we are billed separately from the Taxe Habitation, €140pa. We noticed that our Taxe Habitation went down by the same amount. We too get 16 pickups for this amount and on our bill these pickups are detailed as our bin has a barcode on it that is scanned on collection.

Golly - so much feed back - much appreciated. Obviously we just happen to live in a Commune where we do pay separately. Much appreciated everyone's very helpful comments.

Many thanks!!


Our rubbish tax ( about the same as yours) has always been collected separately from the Taxe D'habitation so I think it is correct.

In the Rhone (69) it is included as a line on the Taxe d'Habitation.

It depends on the commune - sometimes it's added to your taxe d'hab bill sometimes it's billed seperately

Hi, we are allowed 16 uplifts per year, included in out tax bill, then we need to pay for each lift over 16. We can cope in the cooler months with 1 x 2-3 weeks, but in the summer we need it lifted every week with the heat!