PayPal in France, buying from UK and elsewhere

Up to now, when I received a renewed english Visa credit card from my bank in the UK the other day, I could pay for goods ordered on ebay and Amazon with it linked to PayPal. Now PayPal is refusing the new card because it says it will only accept cards from the country where one is resident.

I am aware that this appears to be an ongoing problem within the 'PayPal Community' and is probably in place to combat fraud but I managed to get away with it for a number of years. I just can't remember how I did it! Is anyone aware of a way around this problem?

I don’t have the answer to the PayPal problem Kit, but Handcuffs should the trick…
Me, I only have 3 guitars, but not enough hats.

Ah, I used to work in a guitar shop. I understand.

Yes, I understand that Chris and thanks for posting but although I do have a french bank account it is shared with Herself and I don't necessarily want to share in (much as I love her) knowing about the vast amount of musical instruments and fancy hats that I buy from ebay! I have been banned from buying any more fiddles (12 at present), ukuleles (9), guitars (6)s, tin whistles (12), accordions (8) and so on. I'm thinking of taking her advice and desisting. Given the high price of second-hand musical instruments in France perhaps I'll open a shop! Then there's the hats.....(50+)

I read about this before moving to France and all I did was start a new PP account once I got here and linked it to my French bank account. Then I just changed my details on eBay and linked the new PP account to the existing eBay account with my French address and that was that. If I should ever return to the UK I would just reinstate the existing UK PP account.

Thanks Steve, but the UK card (Visa) that I have is linked to my french address. I'm thinking seriously of doing my psyche (and savings) some good by not buying anything online any more!

I just recently, in January bought some goods from Ebay (UK) and paid by paypal linked to my english bank account although I am resident in France. I hope nothing has changed in the meantime!

I too by some happy accident still have a uk bank account with a uk address which in fact belongs to a relative. Capitalising on that I have two paypal accounts.

The notion that this rule combats fraud when you have had a paypal account for some time is just nonsense, but then there is no reasoning with paypal.

NEVER let paypal loose on a bank account - just a credit card

Good of you to suggest that Chris, thank you.

I don't know about phoning as I found this a little alarming (to say the least):

I have been able to add a uk bank card registered to my French address but I had to do it on the phone with them as it wasn't possible to add it online. This was a few years ago but I am still able to update the card details online when necessary.

Thanks Alison. I don't have a UK address but I'll give it some thought, maybe a friend will oblige.

I'll try getting in touch with PayPal but, from what I read, they are pretty adamant about this policy. There are many PayPal clients who are really angry about this treatment, they say, 'PP is an international company so what's the problem? ' Nobody seems to have got any satisfaction from all the various approaches made. Much obliged for your thoughts anyway.

Try talking to paypal. Or set up a uk paypal account with a uk address

I too have recently had a problem with PayPal. Having won a bid I was unable to pay as my English bank account is registered to my French address.