PDP Authentication error

Merry Xmas everyone!

I'm with Free mobile and just nipped back to Blighty and couldn't use the Internet due to the above message. SMS' and voice calls were fine but iMessages not (as they are carried via data I assume). I've done a bit of research and this errors usually occurs when you migrate get an old number. The carrier used in Blighty by Free is Vodafone. I cannot find anything on the Free website to help me and I really don't want to ring them with my villainous French!

Any solutions to this as I'm gong back to Blighty in a couple of days.


I just Googled "PDP Authentication error" and got 22,300 results

If you have two sim cards I suggest you put the one you need, in, for the country you Re going to while your phone is off, when on the Aeroplane ferry, with no signal! Only switch it on again when in new country!

Go to your phone settings and search for the service you know you can receive, I.e Vodaphone!

If you only have l SIM card, try doing same as above anyway, nothing ventured nothing gained!

On my Nokia orange phone I have to choose here in France, when I search. Mind you my phone is linked to my Orange account for Internet/fixed line/ mobile. You said originally your provider is linked with Vodaphone for UK. good luck!

Yes, I saw the suggestion for taking out the sim card. When do you do that - while you are roaming or in your original country?


Glad I was somewhat of help and Merry Christmas to you too.


Thanks for asking though, I think you just saved my sanity after I followed Marie A’s suggestion! Happy Christmas!!

Brilliant Marie-Antionette! I could kiss you!!! I followed your suggestion it took me eventually to Apple Communities, so I’ve posted my Q cos although my new Kindle also Canon cloudmulti printer copier etc. Both show they are picking up wifi but there’s no router info from the Orange Livebox since iPad updated ios9! I also can’t get picked by Orange on their helpline.

Hopefully next week I’ll have iPad, kindle and printer all working properly on wifi and cloud! The iPad picks up the router name (set up under Oranges own iPad setup instructions, and connects to wifi - but that all, I often get messages suing can’t connect t to Internet although I’m on wifi for Internet. Very Bizarre, so at present not sure if it’s an Orange problem or Apple IOS o e!
sorry if above sounds a bit muddled!

Happy Christmas!

If you Google the entire phrase you will get several help methods. Like removing the sim card for a bit, it is very detailed.

Don't know! lol

Gary what is PDP?